drum brakes

  1. yotamotive

    For Sale New Mexico NM 60s early 70s axles, one front, two rear, complete

    I have 3 complete axle housings, one front (drums are missing), two rear. I assume mid 60s to early 70s vintage. Cheap! Save em from the scrap yard! DM me. Thanks
  2. R

    For Sale San Diego: 40 Series Drum Brake Parts - Front and Rear - later model

    I just completed a disc brake conversion for my FJ45 that had drums on all 4 wheels. I have all the parts left over for the drums, some in better shape than others. Thinking maybe $150, but make an offer. Nothing reasonable will be turned down.
  3. WandatheTroopy

    70 Series Drum Brake to Disc Conversion

    Hi there, I would love to convert my front and rear drum brakes to disk. Who has done it, what do I need? Thank you!
  4. RedComet

    Help Identifying Brake Part

    Hi all, been a while since I've been able to post anything. I'm in the middle of refreshing my rear axle and need help Identifying a part. The part in question is highlighted in the circle, this is a shot of the rear drum mounting plate. I ask this because one of the teeth is sheared from the...
  5. NomadEffect

    FJ62 Brake Replacement

    Hey All, We did a couple of kinda 'how to' videos when replacing our brakes recently. I'm hoping they might help a fellow DIY driveway mechanic. Ben
  6. N

    For Sale SoCal: Small Pattern Knuckles, Hubs, Birfs, & Drums

    Just finished a large pattern knuckle and disk brake conversion on my '75 FJ40. I don't have any use for the old drum brake take offs, so I figured I would post them up here in case anyone needs them. My main goal is to get rid of them and maybe get a little date money in the process for the...
  7. John in Utah

    For Sale Non-US FJ40 Front Drums, wheel cylinders, 3" shoes

    I have the front drum brake assemblies off my 83 Middle East spec 40. $20 plus shipppng for the shoes and cylinders. Wheel hubs, backing plates and hardware, and large pattern knuckles are free if someone wants to pay to ship them. I will probably scrap all this but want to see if someone...
  8. A

    Maximum Brake Drum Diameter 1964 FJ40

    Wondering if anyone knows the maximum brake drum diameter for 1964 FJ40. Having mine resurfaced and can't find the info anywhere and misplaced all my manuals. Appreciate the help.
  9. V

    Drum Brake Cylinder rebuilt kits

    I am currently working on a 67 FJ40. I am having trouble ordering rebuild kits for the front cylinders. I wondering if anyone knows of a place to purchase them. I bought cruiser corps last pair of them and I am a pair short for the fronts. Also I am wondering the differences between model year...
  10. shay

    How to video on rear drum brakes and wheel bearings

    had a full wheel bearing and rarer drum brake rebuild done by one of my mates and we shot this how to video, might be useful if anyone is getting stuck into this. My mate Richard used to work with MH motorsports in the rally championship in Uk and he knows some handy tricks.
  11. shay

    How to video on rear drum breaks and wheel bearings

    had a full wheel bearing and rarer drum brake rebuild done by one of my mates and we shot this how to video, might be useful if anyone is getting stuck into this. My mate Richard used to work with MH motorsports in the rally championship in Uk and he knows some handy tricks.
  12. F

    Oops! brake issue - punched through plate

    Made the msitake of NOT driving my '82 FJ60 often enough. Discovered that the ebrake wasn't releasing properly, and seemed to be causing the drums to drag. Decided that it might be time to look at the drumbrakes. Been driving the rig for almost 40K miles, and it's coming upon 210K total. No...
  13. F

    FJ60 Rear brake adjuster question

    Does the current OEM star wheel adjuster for a 1983 driver's side rear brake drum, part number 47062-60011, have a 12 x 1.25 thread on it now ? If it does and I use it, do I have to also convert the passenger side to the new thread size (i.e. get the passenger side equivalent part which is #...
  14. P

    Rear axle / brake swap from discs to drums

    Hello, I am in need of a rear axle (rusted through diff) for my 95' and am able to get one off a 91' with drum brakes. My question is, if possible, what would be needed to do this swap? Thanks! Pat
  15. mrjordann

    Disc Brake Conversion Kits?

    Hello guys! I am looking to do a disc brake conversion on the front brakes of my 1973 FJ40. I've never done a disc brake conversion before. Where should I go for a conversion kit? (Everything included). What do you recommend if you've ever done one? Thanks in advance!
  16. Ezra

    Adjusting wheel cylinders on the drum brakes - so difficult....

    Is this just tediously difficult or am I doing something wrong. PO installed all cylinders on the wrong side - to tighten the cylinders I would start with the screwdriver angled away from the center of the wheel. I always adjusted with a screwdriver. I blew a cylinder, and decided to replace...
  17. bwalker16527

    For Sale 1974 40 front knuckles, drum brakes, birfields

    1974 FJ40 front knuckles , drum brakes, coarse splined birfields. Selectro locking hubs $75 OBO
  18. E

    72 FJ40 Drum Brakes

    just a couple simple brake related questions, firstly, I purchased a full "set" of 8 brake cylinders, they all have the same piston size, I know that originally had the fronts were slightly larger 1.11-1.12" , mine are all the smaller of the two sizes, .997". is this going to be a problem...
  19. bwalker16527

    For Sale 1974 FJ40 front knuckles, drum brakes and course splined birfields

    1974 FJ40 front knuckle / knuckles, drum brakes and coarse splined birfields for sale. Good condition. Make offer. Will separate and part out. Thanks.
  20. SoCal6084

    How to Install Drum Brakes on 60?

    I'm wondering if someone can point me to a link where there's a good tutorial on replacing worn rear drum brake on 60s? I'm comfortable with the front pads but not so with the rear drums. Braking is freakishly scary at best and am refreshing the system with pads, drums, new fluid, and brake bleed.
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