FJ62 Brake Replacement

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Thank you for posting the videos. I will check your stuff out on YouTube for sure. I am always looking for FJ60 /62 videos to watch.
Hey All,

We did a couple of kinda 'how to' videos when replacing our brakes recently.

I'm hoping they might help a fellow DIY driveway mechanic.


I came across your videos the other day, awesome work! I have a 62 that I am going to be replacing the brakes on soon too.
A few important things that should be noted:
The bearing nut needs to be tightened to a precise amount of pressure on the bearing, some people use fish weight scales attached to the studs to measure out the resistance of the rotor to turn. Too much pressure the bearing will overheat, too little it will have play and wobble. you need to rotate the rotor several times each way while doing this, its essential to getting bearing rollers all spread out and evenly compressed.

The "funny looking washer" between the two nuts is to meant to hold the nuts in place by bending a down on the nut flat surfaces.

The locking hub cavity should not be packed full of grease. when you fully pack it, it has trouble unlocking when you turn the knob. it just has the spring to push the clutch from being engaged to the axle to the free wheeling hub body so if it is packed full of grease this is enough to prevent it from unlocking. just a light amount of grease on the splines is needed.

These things are all listed in the FSM.

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