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  1. SliderJack

    SOLD  Wanted: FJ40 Pre 75 Door Hardware - Strikers, Latches, Handles

    Hi, I need door hardware for early model FJ40 left and right doors. I need the outside door handles, inside door latches, latch striker plate, even locks if you have them. Thanks in advance. Jack Located in Sevierville TN
  2. H

    Wanted  Front Door Catches

    Looking for a pair of early style front door catches. Thanks!
  3. Pommy

    Barn door mechanism help required

    Hi guys My barn door mechanism is very sloppy and from further disassembly it looks more like this part of the mechanism pictured below is stuffed. Does anywhere sell these parts or can someone point me in the direction of modified versions of the mechanism etc. any help would be greatly...
  4. T4RBoarder

    Drivers rear door latch jammed

    Hey guys, Yesterday while fiddling around trying to get my all my speakers to work (whole different story :rage:) I noticed that I could no longer open my rear door. When pulling the outside handle it seems as if I could not pull it as far as usual and any combo of pulling the outer or inner...
  5. T4RBoarder

    Wanted  80 Series drivers side rear door latch

    Looking for a drivers side rear door latch with or without lock actuator ASAP. Looks like the spring broke in mine and really need that door to function. Shipping would be to 43230 (OH)
  6. rrv333

    Wanted  Tire Carrier Latch

    I have a 1976 FJ40. It has the ambulance doors. It has the tire carrier on the driver's side (Left Side) I need the latch that secures the tire carrier to the ambulance door. If you're looking at the latch the handle to open the latch is on the right side of the mechanism. If you have one...
  7. Crawdad

    Door Latching/Staying Latched issue (not a ghost)

    I have posted this a long time ago, but the problem is getting worse. My passenger front door closes normally, it fits smoothly with the quarter panel and rear door when closed. It will not open if pushed on from inside. However... While driving on a rough road, or with the A/C on high fan...
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