1. R

    My first 40 and some suspension tech/ questions

    Hey all, Left the 4runner gang and traded for a '73 40 series. Who wouldn't accept that trade? The 2nd previous owner converted the 40 to SOA with a 4ish" lift with some god awful 3 pack leaf springs and es9k procomp shocks. Let's just say your grandpas old John Deere tractor rides better...
  2. Lexacruiser

    Just bought a GX460 and we need some suspension help

    After lurking in the shadows and consuming all the info I could my wife and I made a leap and purchased our 2017 GX460 last week. It is black on black with 40k miles. I have an SSO roof rack coming, blue ridge overland panels, better brakes because they are pretty mushy, and an MTS module. I...
  3. drowzyGX

    Proposed suspension upgrade. Please criticize!

    Hey Y'all, So far this forum has been an invaluable source of knowledge for this car. I've been planning out a suspension upgrade for my 2004 KDSS GX470. I've searched the forum and other sites pretty thoroughly, and have dramatically improved my understanding of suspension systems (still have...
  4. vtcruiser60

    Dobinson 2 inch suspension review

    Prior to purchase I didn’t find much written up about Dobinson suspensions for the FJ60. I thought to offer this post for those that may follow. On recommendation of Orangefj45 of Valley Hybrids, I ordered a complete Dobinson Suspension kit (See attached invoice). I found ordering to be pretty...
  5. 5

    2"+ Lift

    Not sure if im understanding this correctly but it appears there are very few options for getting longer travel shocks from our 100's. It seams most are limited to handle 1.5" - 2" lift and maintain enough drop. If you have lots of $$$$$ and need a lift for 140MPH baja runs " sarcasm everyone...
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