1. bigezvol

    Another Petronix Coil Wiring Question ('74 f.5)

    I know, i know... this has been covered a million times, but i'm having trouble getting spark to the coil and not sure what's going on. 1974 Fj40 with a new Petronix Igniter Ii and the Flamethrower II coil with a new gear reduction starter. On the starter end of things I have the B/Y wire...
  2. 4Cruisers

    Distributor Wire Harness from Coil/Igniter - Question on Lengthening

    Quick question on my '76 FJ40 ignition upgrade - I installed the FJ60 coil and igniter in the same location as the FJ40 parts and figured out/reconnected all of the wiring except for the two wires to the distributor. The wires are about 6 inches too short. Is there anything special about these...
  3. NeverGiveUpYota

    Vacuum Advance... Rebuild.

    So after finding that the new used vac advance I just bought was in fact blown (not the sellers fault... his dad and brother didn't know to check it with a vac gauge) I started doing some research online. I found this cool youtube video of a guy rebuilding a vac adv from a 1928 Lanchester LD10...
  4. NeverGiveUpYota

    Testing Vacuum Advance on Diz

    How the fxxx do I.... so a bit ago I got myself a mity vac and tested a few valves in question on my desmoged 60. One was the vacuum advance on my diz. The outer port (secondary) held vac but the inner port (primary) did not hold. I sought a new pot and ended up getting a whole diz w/ a pot...
  5. LittleRedWgon

    For Sale  FJ60 Carb and new HEI Distributor

    Hello Mudders, I have: 2F Carb, ready for rebuild..works, just could use a rebuild. ---$200 Brand New in Box--HEI Distributor with livewire Plug wires--$325 PM if you are interested and I will send more photos over.
  6. FJ80Duo

    Wanted  91 3FE Distributor

    My distributor coil just turned into a fuzz ball.The rest has had me worried for a while. Anybody got a 3FE distributor in good shape? Please message me!
  7. LittleRedWgon

    2f Distributor Question....Same one?

    I saw this on Ebay and wondered if anyone knew anything about it? I got if for my daughters FJ60 and when we received it,...the unit is much smaller than the original. Is it still going to work or what?...came in Toyota Box, similar, just smaller. Also, no mounting collar on it. I thought it...
  8. PJ40

    Distributor Question

    Now bear with me as I havent run through any diagnostic tests yet cause I'm at work today. Changed the oil last night and upgraded my filter from the sh**ty FRAM to a Mobil 1 filter due to low oil pressure reading on guage. Had everything buttoned up and was giving the filter a last hand tighten...
  9. Nader

    No vacuum at the distributor

    I decided that 1200 rpm for idle was stupid. I knew it was fast, but now know it was 1200 because I finally attached a newly bought fancy-dancy timing light that had an RPM indicator. I also learned it was running at 27 degrees advance. I dialed down the advance by twisting the distributor...
  10. joecat66


    i own a old triumph tr6 and one of the better upgrades i did was install a petronix (this weekend i replaced the rear main seal/put in a fidanza aluminum flywheel/ and a magic clutch kit which i believe has a fj60 throw out bearing!--rebuilt over drive trans is next) forgive the ignorance...
  11. jvincig01

    For Sale  HEI Distributor - Calif.

    I recently switched over to a stock disti with Pertronix so I don't have a need for this distributor. It needs a gasket (doesn't use an o-ring). It worked fine but oil did work its way up the shaft. I dont think I had the right gasket and it probably could have been clamped down better. It...
  12. J

    2F Distributor Differences/Guide: Do I need a Ballast

    1. Id like to know if I need a ballast for this original setup that I have? I believe its a distributor for 79-80 with the igniter mounted on the coil. however there is no ballast mounted on the coil. The truck is a 1969 fj55 with a transplanted late 70s early 80s engine with power steering...
  13. HemiAlex

    City Racer 2F Japanese Distributor

    OEM 2F 3F Distributor for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 FJ62 70 Series FZJ80 I'm considering buying this. I've got a stubborn distributor that has a stuck o ring. I can't advance my distributor at the moment and I really need to add some advance due to the new carb. Seems like it needs a few changes...
  14. cruiserhound

    Distributor base removal/installation

    Good morning folks. I have to swap out my roached distributor base. I have never swapped out a distributor base and would like to do it right the first time. I've read elsewhere that you should rotate the engine to top dead center on cylinder 1, the 3FE repair manual recommends it as well, but...
  15. tucson_sailors

    DUI Aftermarket HEI distributor for F/2F engines?

    Anybody ever heard of these? I know about having JimC or someone else on the club recurve your dizzy if you desmog, but haven't heard of an actual *upgrade* that would produce better spark. Wondering if it comes with its own bottle of snake oil, or if its legit. Here's the ad copy from a CL ad...
  16. S

    No spark; new igniter, coil & distributor

    No spark after replacing coil, igniter and distributor. Have power at the positive on the coil. Cranks hard. Have fuel at the cold start injector. Fuel pump good. Crazy frustrated at this point. Any advice? Thanks.
  17. Got Cruiser?

    For Sale  DUI Distributor for Toyota Landcruiser F / 2F engine

    DUI Distributor for Toyota Landcruiser F / 2F engine Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 and FJ60 DUI Distributor (Davis Unified Ignition by Performance Distributors) Fits 68 - 87 Toyota F and 2F engines. PN# 80820 Brand new, never used Price: $300 each (3 available) DUI Live Wires (available in Blue or...
  18. Rusty 72

    235 Chevy distributor in F.5

    I have found a few threads on using a Chevy dist. in the F engine. It ranges from, it will blow up my engine to it will run excellent with a recurve and petronix installed. Does anybody have real world experience using a 235 distributor? Here is the numbers on my dist.
  19. K

    For Sale  1994 FZJ 80 land cruiser distributor

    1994 FZJ-80 land cruiser distributor, used. I had it for a spare. $100 shipped in conus.
  20. T

    For Sale  Trollhole electronic Distributor

    Trollhole electronic distributor - Never used --installed, tested; ran; pulled --was going to be trail spare -Found a good used Distributor for trail spare. So 125.00 plus shipping Spoken for
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