1. magFJ60

    Distributor problems

    Having issues getting my 1985 FJ60 to start. I had problems in 2019 with spongy breaks so I replaced the brake booster in Sept that year with great results. I was driving it weekly and then one day in Oct 2019 it just wouldn't start. I wasn't getting a spark and due to work and other...
  2. CO73FJ

    SOLD  Denver - FJ40 Rear Diff, Spartan Locker, Man-A-Fre Dist

    Good day everyone! We are mid-move and I've decided to list a few parts that I'd rather not have packed. All are Denver/Aurora area pick-up. You can come inspect for yourself. These parts were included when I purchased my '76 FJ40. As told, they were either spare parts or parts the previous...
  3. M

    1985 4Runner only runs on cold start injector

    Hey y’all! I’m in need of someone smarter than I when it comes to early efi on the 22re. My 85 4Runner will only run on the cold start injector, then dies. New fuel pump, starter, efi relay, open circuit relay, and grounds cleaned or replaced. Any input on where to look? Got it to pop code 10...
  4. A

    Distributor and Vacuum

    Hey All, I am trying to get my FJ60 air tight (Proven to be a headache and a half) and think I have finally done it. I hooked up my smoke tester and all seals seem to be doing their jobs. But, when I crank over the engine and get it up to temp, I am only seeing 14 inHG on the intake manifold...
  5. ccslider

    SOLD  1997 fzj80 / lx450 used distributor

    From a 97 lx450 I'm selling a good working used distributor. I'd recommend replacing the o-ring that always seems to leak on these. Also replace the cap and rotor at the same time. 85 shipped to us I have other parts from a parts truck, anything that fits in the medium flat rate box will...

    In need of a rebuilt distributor for my 1985 FJ60.

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows of another source other than cruiserparts.net who offers OEM rebuilt distributor for the 4.2 liter 6 cylinder engine? I've tried all my local parts distributors (Napa, O'Reilly, Autozone, etc with no luck and none available). My current...
  7. grokking

    Wanted  Dual Vacuum Advance for 1985 FJ60

    I have a nice re-curved dizzy from Jim C, but the primary advance vacuum port leaks, so no advance and a vacuum leak if I leave it hooked up. So of course it is just capped now. I am looking to purchase a working dual vac advance to replace that part. If anyone has a part, or a lead on a part...
  8. houstonfj40

    Dist Cap ID? 029120-1640

    So put new cap and rotor on but just because I want to ID the old cap that came off. I can’t read The only website I found when searching the part number. Came off a desmogged ‘84 60 Only one vent and the vent has a cool rubber vent. Any ideas what it’s from?
  9. P

    For Sale  D.U.I. Distributor f/2f

    I have a brand new Davis Unified Ignition distributor for sale. It is still in the box I received it in, and still has all foam packing. I believe I paid $389 plus shipping for it, and it was never used. Hold down, terminals etc still in plastic bag. Fits f/2f motors 68-87 according to their...
  10. houstonfj40

    Wanted  2F dual vac US spec dizzy

    Looking for a 2F US spec dual vac advance dizzy for my FJ60. Thanks in advance. Marc
  11. J

    FJ 60 distributor and carb upgrade

    HEllo, Pretty new here. Have an 84 fj 60 that was desmogged by po. Has a holley carb. Nice little rig. 300k on it but pretty clean. Anyway, am looking at some possible upgrades for performance/ fuel economy. Not a mudder. Just a daily driver. Any thoughts as to brands , models etc would be...
  12. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  SOLD. 2F Distributor (Small-Cap), Boise Idaho, $75 Plus Shipping

    SOLD SOLD SOLD ... and finally, the last of the distributors I'm trying to get rid of. This one's in pretty darn good shape, though it's lacking a rotor and could probably use a new cap. The specifics are as follows: PN 19100-61080, 029100-7562 Please PM me or respond to the thread if you're...
  13. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  SOLD. 1F Distributor, Boise Idaho, $25 Plus Shipping

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Cleaning out the garage. I have this distributor off a 1F engine. Part number 91000-61020, ND 029100 3161. Pretty clean inside and out. Let me know if you're interested. Regards Calvin
  14. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  SOLD 2F Distributor (Large-Cap), Boise Idaho, $40 Plus Shipping

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey there, MUD. This distributor came off a 2F - large cap style, vacuum advance diaphragm, part number 19100-61102. I do realize they're worth quite a bit more, but if you can see in the pictures this one has suffered some corrosion internally. I can't speak to its function -...
  15. UGA2018

    Wanted  2F Distributor with Advancer

    I sent my distributor to Jim C to be recurved and learned that the advancer is shot. I'm looking for a distributor with working advancer to go on my 1986 60. Thanks!
  16. B

    Desmogged '75 FJ40 vacuum routing help

    I know there are already some good threads on this general topic, but I haven't come across one that seems to cover my exact setup (if you happen to read this and know of an existing thread with answers to my questions, please post a link!). My FJ40 was desmogged by its previous owner, and all...
  17. thatcabledude

    SOLD  (FL) 1fz-fe distributor

    In good condition, removed from great running 94 FZJ80. Pulled motor for swap. Great replacement or spare. $35 plus shipping from Florida (32433) Thanks Non leaking O-ring Interior
  18. J

    74 FJ40 MAF HEI wiring question

    Hello, I have a 74 FJ40 with an F155, desmogged, that I installed a MAF "lightning strike" HEI (mechanical advance) in place of the OEM vacuum retard dizzy. This is what I've done, I have no doubt you will find I've not done it correctly, if I had I wouldn't be asking for help getting it right...
  19. TheChad5150

    Replacement Distributor doesn't fit...""

    My friend is selling his 1991 Land Cruiser and I want it. Problem is he and his "mechanic friend" removed the distributor because it was toasted. Unfortunately for them and me, they removed the old one and weren't successful at replacing it with a new one. He said the new one just wouldn't fit...
  20. Borrego

    22r destroyed dizzy rotor, now it won't time...

    HELP! I have a 1985 22r. I was driving down the trail, and all of a sudden lost all power, the truck completely shut down. I put it on the flatbed and took it home. I looked at the distributor and the rotor was destroyed and parts were melted to the cap! I've never seen this before. I cleaned...
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