1. ChaserFJ60

    Dual battery charging idea?

    1984 FJ60 2FE Due to parts availability and my circumstances, I currently have two AGM battery's and two alternators. An fj60 and an fj62 alternator based off this FJ60 Dual Alternator - https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/fj60-dual-alternator.94294/ Things is, I don't want or need two...
  2. jerryb

    For Sale  kenwood and pioneer decks, JL and RF class D amps.

    I used these all for about a month or two each, all were installed in my 2006 LC. All were bought new 2017 and late 2016. I can include 4 gauge wire, crimped if needed, etc. Amps have no boxes. The pioneer has the box and packing material. The speaker level input is not included in the RF amp...
  3. sailor95

    Diff Fluid Change

    So I just recently got my bearings redone on the hundy and feel that a diff fluid change is a smart next move as I haven't done it in a very long time. What fluid is the best fluid to go back with and does anyone have any suggestions to make this easier? I know its pretty straightforward already...
  4. doug720

    D Pillar wire run?

    I want to fish a wire from the drivers side to passenger through the "D" pillars and across the roof in the same channel as the rear dome light wiring. I looked at several pictures, and it looks possible, but there could be hidden structure . Is this possible with the head liner in place? Has...
  5. L

    For Sale  Ambulance doors

    I have a set of ambulance doors $150 plus the ride. No key. Please see photos for condition. Lower latch needs the conector rod to the handle. Shipping from 06831
  6. toyofan

    Schock Gurus need your advice - Fox 2.0 size

    Hi ! Well, after 8 years and 90k miles my OME shocks were due a much needed replacement. After some research I decided on the Fox 2.0, and without looking at the specs much I bought the longer ones I just installed them and realized they were a lot longer than the OME Here are the specs...
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