cummins 6bt

  1. NMC_EXP

    Cummins 6BT Powered FJ60

    I was at Classic Cruisers in Salida yesterday. Micah was putting the finishing touches on an FJ60 6BT Cummins conversion. I got to ride along during a short road test. All I can say is WOW. Acceleration G-forces pinning me into the seat is something new in a Cruiser. Micah just got back...
  2. A10Driver

    Builds Frog's FJ159

    So I have decided to finally post up my project. I have been gathering parts for a while, and am finally getting to the fun part of putting them all together. I bought a FJ40 4 years ago, and after a lot of work decided to totally change direction. I bought a rusted out fj60, parted it out and...
  3. mryanangel

    80 Series - 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap

    I have been documenting my build and Cummins 6BT swap in the 80 series tech section. For those of you that want to see another swap, here is the link to my thread. I am currently very close to being able to fire her up for the 1st time. Dirty Koala - Cummins 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap
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