1. SgtChase

    2FE Coolant leak from the rear head freeze plug.

    I just rebuilt this engine myself and had it machined at a machine shop, Less than 15k miles on it. Ive been chasing coolant leaks because I decided to reuse old cooling hoses. All the hoses are fixed now but i still had drips under my car when i park, so i put some UV dye in the coolant to see...
  2. G

    Coolant T broke - plastic fell into engine block

    I was doing preventative maintenance on my ‘99 Land Cruiser by replacing the plastic T’s on the coolant lines. I eventually got the clamps backed away, and the first T removed intact. The 2nd T, closer to the driver side, broke inside the hose that goes to the engine. While trying to get the...
  3. Sherman Tank

    Heater Tubes HJ60

    Does anyone have access to the steel tubes that go across the injector/valve cover area connecting the heater core valve area to the head and water pump area?....or can rubber hose be used? My heater was totally bypassed because it was in Panama (not much need for heat there).
  4. overlandsam

    Mishimoto antifreeze

    I just ordered a Mishimoto radiator for my '88 FJ62. Has anyone ever used their antifreeze? Liquid Chill® Was considering it over Toyota Red. I tried to look through other forum posts but couldn't find anything regarding it.
  5. Arabian Cruiser

    Fzj80 Front Heater Core Delete

    hi guys, have been searching this topic for a couple of days now and I'm either using the wrong terminology or there is no write up on it but I need some help. Heater hoses have started to leak and deteriorate and its time to change them. Living in the middle east don't really need the heater...
  6. E

    Can anyone help me identify this.. and maybe a part number too?

    Hey guys back for yet another adventure in my 1998 LX470 that I bought on a whim here in Georgia, for a mere sum of $1800. As you could have guessed it, the car came with some issues, and the seller was not very upfront about them from the getgo. Though he may have thought he was slick with...
  7. LostAfrican

    Engine Temps,Thermostats, and Jiggle Valves

    At the risk of embarrassing myself (I should be used to it by now), and in the spirit of saving YOU from the same troubles...make sure your Thermostat Jiggle Valve is at the TOP! For sometime (too long) I have been unhappy with my engine temps. They were never bad/too high (never exceeding...
  8. OffRoadScott

    Evans Waterless coolant

    Is there anyone that has or is running this in their LC? Evans High-Performance coolant is ready to use—no water required. It contains no silicates or phosphates and requires no Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA). Boiling Point: Above 375° Antifreeze Properties: Protects below -40°F...
  9. TheAshenWolf

    Coolant Reservoir Fill Line - What is Ideal and When?

    Hey all. I've searched through a few threads regarding ideal coolant level but many of them discussed peripheral issues related to coolant, not my primary question. What is the ideal level of coolant in the reservoir and when? I have a 1999 with 260k on it. I had a shop replace the radiator...
  10. hammerheadfistpunch

    Overheating help and fan clutch advice

    So I'm overheating (shocked face!) and I need to know where to look next. I replaced a factory rad with the CSF when the factory one started leaking. Coolant is flushed with 50/50 Toyota red and doesn't appear to be leaking anywhere. New foam around the entire rad, shroud and fan in great...
  11. E

    Does this Throttle Body Thing Matter If left off? Throttle Body Exchange Question

    Hey All, I recently got an entire throttle body from a junkyard that was from a 02' Sequoia. Everything looks the same as my 98 LX470 throttle body, except for this metal screw in pipe (as pictured) that is in addition to the regular body. Can you guys tell me if I can just go ahead and unscrew...
  12. saleach

    Radiator leak after replacement

    Hey everyone! I tried searching and although there a quite a few coolant leak threads, I couldn't find what I am experiencing. So I am having a slow leak from the radiator dripping off the lower bolts on the passenger side. I first noticed it about three weeks ago along with a small crack at...
  13. MayflyFJ43

    43 frozen cooling system

    I very recently imported a Colombian 43 with 2f engine and stock carb/radiator. This is my first lc and it got here a couple of weeks ago. I've had been troubleshooting an idle problem and leaking gas pump the last couple of days when the cold temps arrived in Tennessee. This morning I noticed...
  14. RFB

    Redundant Burping Question

    Ok I flushed out the entire coolant system got that ugly green shiite out flushed it all totally new hoses clamps all around distilled water red yota fluid the works. and then also installed the blue fan clutch pre modded by the lovely and talented wits end. My issue is last night on the mass...
  15. Redclayrob

    Coolant hose routing on fj80 4.5l

    I have a small hose under the rear of the lower intake toward the back half of the block. The hose is about 3/8... Anyone know what it connects to? Its already on a small port on the block. And its molded.
  16. Vavrinyuk

    1991 LC over heating when AC on ... PLEASE HELP!

    Hello Everyone I need some help with my 1991 Land Cruiser. I had my water pump replaced because my old one was leaking so since I had to take front end apart I decided to change water pump, thermostat, fan clutch, radiator, radiator hoses all part where NEW Toyota OEM. I also had radiator fluid...
  17. hammerheadfistpunch

    High coolant temps

    Cool outside but going up over the mountain I saw up to 205 F. (2008 gx470) Radiator was supposedly replaced by the place we bought it. They clearly mixed in green but who knows how much. Water pump should be less than 10k old according to the service sticker. What are the first Places to...
  18. H

    HDJ81 coolant level question

    I wasn't able to find any posts dealing with the 1HD-T (HDJ81) regarding what the proper coolant level should be and when to check it. I also looked at the FSM for the 1HD-T (page CO-3 and CO-4) and couldn't find any more elaboration on this... So, when I check the coolant in the plastic...
  19. J

    Coolant Pressure

    I have noticed that my top coolant hose has alot of pressure build up in it and would like to know if it seems normal. The engine doesn't overheat or lose coolant, the gauge seems steady, the engine runs good without the radiator cap on without any coolant overflowing. I ask this as I have only...
  20. Formulaonehd

    Coolant leak under exhaust manifold!

    Lets start with a sigh... Another problem surfaces with VX Reborn... I guess that's how it works, fix one thing another presents its ugly face. Anywho calling on your expertise again, I have a substantial coolant leak which is a real pain to pin point without taking off the exhaust manifold ...
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