1. sunrk

    What if anything actually changed re caster between pre-8/92 and 8/92-up 80 series?

    When the big design change happened from 7/92 to 8/92, and the factory caster setting was apparently changed from about +1.9 to +3.0 degrees, what exactly was changed specific to the caster setting? Were the radius arms themselves changed? Was the design of the front axle housing changed so that...
  2. skhochay

    caster camber correction

    can you pl look at this aliment specs and tell me if I need to get a knuckle bearing 1" kit to alight my caster or this is not a big deal TY
  3. D

    For Sale FJ80 OME caster bushings - SOcal

    Brand new never installed, i have two sets OMECA77B caster trailing arm bushings. Asking $80 OBO per set. Willing to ship, Text 714-414-5703 -David!
  4. fzj80joe

    Wanted 2" MAF caster drop brackets

    Is anyone moving up to a larger lift and looking to sell their 2" drop brackets?
  5. bluecruiser

    FS: 80 Series caster plates

    Brand not known. Look like Slee, Iron Man, and Metal Tech. May be a local member remake, not really sure. Anyways, they worked just fine. I just pulled off to go with another type. They are used, kinda dirty, but totally fine. Not bent or anything weird. I have hardware that came off the truck...
  6. R

    Anyone have a Land tank Caster correction template I can borrow

    Just found out about the caster correcti9n template. Anyone know where I can borrow one or buy one? I'm in Placentia, CA (92870). Thanks
  7. ZRotheohv

    Caster Correction for a 2.5" Lift

    I've been reading all of the pro's and con's of correcting caster with bushings, drop brackets, and plates, and I think for my mild lift (2.5" OME) I'd be better off with the drop brackets in the long run. I'd really like to run plates, but it seems like they're all designed for 4"+ of lift and...
  8. Farrell Martin

    Wanted Caster Plates or Drop Brackets for 2 - 3 Inch Lift

    I have finally pieced together the parts for my lift (850, 860) and am just missing the means to correct caster to complete the install. I don't like the CC bushing idea, so looking for either the control arm drop bracket (DD and fire road use, no rock crawling) or caster correction plates that...
  9. lt403

    OME caster correction bushing

    Mine are falling apart after 12 years. Is that about their normal lifespan ?
  10. joez

    For Sale OME Caster Correction Bushings- 80 series

    Never installed set of OME caster correction bushings for an 80 series. Just never needed them, openned the package to look at them, and subsequently stuck them in a box in a cabinet. $85 shipped anywhere in the lower 48
  11. akmcruiser

    For Sale Fj80 caster correction bushings

    I beleive these are tjm brand caster correction bushings Ran them for approximately 15k miles with an ironman 2.5inch lift kit They are undoubtedly ready to correct another land cruisers caster problem 65 shipped in continental U.S. Caster bush by akmcruiser posted Jan 24, 2017 at 10:39 AM...
  12. NetJunky

    For Sale Metaltech Caster correction Brackets

    Used Caster correction brackets for 80 series. Due to my steering mod (larger steering arms) the brackets don't work for me. Willing to trade for the 3" Man-a-fre caster correction bracket. Located in Pasadena, CA
  13. bryanb

    SPC/Slee 3* Knuckle Bearings - How will they affect pinion angle/driveline vibes?

    I'm trying to get caster back to "normal" for my '97 Landcruiser with 4" front lift, 5" rear lift (J springs and spacers) while avoiding driveline vibrations... aren't we all (at one time or another). I haven't yet installed any caster correction devices, it's just all stock with a lift...
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