1. Samuel17

    Wanted  F Engine Carburetor

    Looking for an aisin f engine carburetor and was wonder if anyone had one for sale or could point me in the right direction to get one. I’m located in Australia. Cheers
  2. David Smithey

    1977 FJ40 CA Carb Hose

    I’ve got a hose coming off the engine side of the carburetor that is open to the air. What does it need to be connected to? Is the thermal reactor system disconnected?
  3. S

    Aisan Carburetor install

    Got my carb back from a rebuilt at Mark's off road and after the clouds parted I finally had an opportunity to put the carb back on. I noticed a couple things while putting it back on but didnt want to call Mark and take his time away from rebuilding his next carb. Two things I'm looking for...
  4. TeamJB

    For Sale  NOS D40 Aisan carb

    Hello I have NOS d40 aisan carbs for early F series ... Each 375$ or OBO
  5. BigBlackCruiser

    FJ40 Uk Carburetor

    Hi all, I’m looking for a rebuild kit or even a new carb for my 83’ FJ40 but am having little luck. I’m well aware of Trollhole etc and carbs for sale across the world but does anyone have a source closer to home (the UK). I also stumbled across a load of Czech carbs on eBay running from...
  6. DaveRemisiewicz

    71 fj40 pictures of stock carburetor and cable bracket

    Please, please, please share a close up of the clamp/bracket that connects the throttle cableks shroud to the carb. Either there was an extremely drunk guy on the assembly line or my prior owner’s, PO’s, PO’s, PO swapped the stock carburetor for a Rochester GM carb and fabricated a bracket to...
  7. mrjordann

    I need a new carburetor for my rebuilt F engine.

    Hi folks! I recently finished a full rebuild of my original 5/73 F engine. It was running very badly, and leaking so much oil that I was paying as much (or more) for oil than I was gas. Not fun. Long story short, it doesn't feel like it has any more power than it did before. I believe that my...
  8. dodored

    Wanted  Aisan Carb Throttle Cable Hold Down Bracket

    Hello guys, Needing a few miscellaneous parts for my carburetor rebuild on my 1972 FJ40 to the original spec Aisan carb. Need the bent bracket and bolt that the throttle cable end bolts to (see photo) a couple of phillips head screws that hold the top of the carb on to the body, and the bent...
  9. sigorama

    For Sale  Various FJ40 Carbs

    I have a variety of FJ40 carburetors for sale. See pics here: FJ Carbs - Google Drive PM or email me at
  10. Mandrew

    Carb issue after reinstalling (California type)

    *edit* I forgot to mention that this is a 1985 FJ60 I just recently cleaned out my carb thanks to the wonderful videos by Pinhead on YouTube. My truck was not passing smog, and after a mechanic refused to work on my carb until I took care of any potential vacuum issues, I am low on funds for...
  11. Krondor

    SD-40 Possible Production pt.2

    Hey guys. I started a thread on the SD40 carb production a while back on the FJ40 forum. I figured that I would give you guys an update and move the thread over to this group. So far I have contacted 2 different borosilicate glass manufacturers. (same stuff as pyrex) Both have no quoted the...
  12. landcrush

    For Sale  NJ- 2F Complete Motor

    $500 For sale is as far as I can tell complete 2F motor. Unknown year I was told 1976 Comes with all accessories, emissions look to be intact. Nothing is cut all wires are there. I purchased the motor as a package with a 4 speed I needed. Motor and trans were already pulled when I bought it...
  13. blbuck12

    Unstable bowl level after rebuild

    So over the holidays I finally got around to rebuilding my stock aisan carb. Followed pinheads videos and the FSM and all was well with the world. Got everything together and it ran great for about a week. Then a piece of dirt/debri made it's way into the carb and plugged up one of the jets...
  14. C

    1988 FJ 62 - mid life crisis. Carburetor advice?

    I bought my FJ62 in 2010, and have had overheating issues. Right off we diagnosed a blocked radiator made for high temperatures when you go above 2000 rpm. I had the core rodded out. Soon after the top tank started leaking. I had this resoldered near Timbuktu, again in Benguela in Angola, used...
  15. Darb

    For Sale  1979 fj40 2f factory carb

    Factory carb that was rebuilt shortly before it was replaced for a Weber 38. Carb ran excellent when removed in 2012, it’s been on my shelf since then. I would think you can bolt it right up and not need anything at all but I can’t guarantee it. It ran perfect I only replaced it because I...
  16. J

    Dieseling / very high idle on 72 FJ40 w/ Weber 38/38

    Hi I have what I believe is a Weber 38 on my rig and I can't manage to get the RPMs down below 1600 at curb idle. On startup, the fast idle RPMs are about 1100 but as soon as the thing heats up the speed climbs to about 2000 and stays there. I've been trying to figure out what changes I need...
  17. G

    For Sale  1976 Carb

    I am selling the 1976-dates carb that came on my ‘75. It was starting easily and idling well, bud developed an off-idle stumble during initial acceleration. I think this is due to a couple things: 1. PO didn’t have fuel filter installed and there was some junk at the bottom of the fuel tank...
  18. PeruFJ80

    FJ80L-GCMNS 3F(non-US) engine Carburetor adjustments for High Altitude...

    I live in Arequipa Peru, elevation is 8,500 ft and we are moving to Cusco which will be above 11,500 and traveling beyond 16,500 ft regularly in the Andes for Short Medical Trips to unreached people. I have a mechanic friend here(certified for Mercedes) but has not worked on Carbureted engines...
  19. 2fpower

    honda mc carb repair needed

    Decided to sell my 1995 Honda Shadow 1100 ACE cruiser. American Classic Edition. 3670 miles. Clearly, I have not made time to ride it much. The issue is that it appears that it is only worth about $2k and it currently will not start -- fuel related. I have a new fuel pump and hoses that I...
  20. sundevil64

    F2 carb on a 71?

    I am a newbie...yes my bezel is on upside down still...flame away. Question wil a carb for an 2F motor fit amd work decently on my stock 71? I searched but was unsuccessful in finding an answer.
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