1. Asanka

    For Sale  Wheel hub caps 4 LC 16" , $60 shipped to lower 50

    Bought wheel hub caps of earlier model 16" without knowing those do not fit 18" wheels. I've done a black plasti-dip without checking fitment. No broken parts, all 4 in good shape, surface is not perfect.
  2. Asanka

    For Sale  Wheel hub caps 4 LC 16" , $80 shipped to lower 50

    Moved to tire-wheel section - For Sale - Wheel hub caps 4 LC 16" , $80 shipped to lower 50
  3. Boshemson

    Wanted  FJ62 Dash Blank Below Radio

    Hello, I am looking for someone willing to sell me a dash blank for an FJ62. This is the larger blank that is below the radio and to the right of the heater controls. It measures about 2.25"x3.25". I would prefer it to be gray but would be fine with any other color as well. Thanks from the...
  4. A

    Wanted  Master Cylinder Cap

    Looking for the 2 1/2 inch rubber cap for the master cylinder on a 1977 FJ40. Thanks!
  5. aaronrules

    AHC Resevoir Cap

    I have been searching here and everywhere else. The cap on my AHC reservoir is missing. Not sure how or when, but it's gone. Does anybody have a part number or a place I can get a replacement. I am hoping it is a universal type cap and I can just go buy a generic reservoir cap, but I am not sure...
  6. Chocolyle

    Wanted  Stock Chrome Wheel Center Cap Used? New?

    Can anyone suggest a good place or person to get a pair of the rear wheel center caps? New/Used I tried the local dealer and they are $52.00 each. I found a bunch of places selling them for the same price or a little better, plus shipping. 42603-60190 Is the part number I have.
  7. Splangy

    F120 Cap & Rotor

    My FJ25 parts manual doesn't go back far enough. Anybody have the part number for the F120 cap and rotor? I haven't compared them to the F135 units yet so forgive me if they're the same. If not, I'm not holding up too much hope that they're still available. Are there aftermarket...
  8. Splangy

    Wanted  1958-1965 Hardtop Fiberglass Roof Cap

    Looking for a 1958-1965 25 or 40 series fiberglass roof cap. Willing to ship. Thanks
  9. R

    Wanted  Locking gas cap

    Looking for Toyota locking gas cap for fj45 Thanks Rickey
  10. S

    Wanted  Roof Rack end cap

    I'm Looking for a roof cover front. In the photo that that is necessary from the other side.
  11. USOffRoad

    FJ80 Dash Cap

    We are working to finish a 1991 FJ80 build this month and I'm searching for a hard dash cap/cover. No carpet or other soft materials. I don't care if it's a cover or an OEM. I thought I had found an aftermarket cap manufacturer but can't seem to find it. Searched all over MUD, nada. Any ideas...
  12. Uzjgaspowered

    Wanted  Fj62 front end cap RH

    Looking for a fj62 front bumper end cap in good condition. Passenger side RH. Shipped to 06851. Paypal ready. Thank you.
  13. S

    Wanted  92 master cylinder cap

    looking for a master cylinder cap with wire and connector only for a fj80 shipped to 85249
  14. dcx13

    Engine idle drops when oil cap is removed. Guessing this isn't normal?

    Like the title says, when the motor's running and the oil filler cap is removed, there is a noticeable/audible drop in rpms. Put the cap back on... doesn't need to be screwed in... and the rpms go back up. There's no noticeable change in overall performance during driving, and no smoke/exhaust...
  15. F

    Wanted  100 series chrome center cap with gold toyota logo

    looking for a chrome center cap for my stock wheel. it has a gold toyota emblem. i believe the earlier 100 series had these wheels (16"). i know u guys probably either have them somewhere in the back of the garage or thrown them away. please post pix and price, thanks! looks like this
  16. jonheld

    Esoteric Wheel Center Cap Question

    Forgive me for asking this in the TECH section, but it seems like the best place to get an answer and I'm all about looking good ;) Does anyone know an over the counter spray paint for matching the OEM color for the LX450 center caps? Not interested in anything other than a factory look.
  17. S

    Rod cap cotter pin

    While changing oil pan seal. No Leak just wanted to look at bottom end of Fj40 1969. I found four cotter pins missing and movement on pins on other castle nuts. Best way to install cotter pins to make the tight. Aviation on rotating part they turn them in to the side and into castle nut slots...
  18. Ayune

    Armrest mount cover/cap project

  19. Redgrrr

    For Sale  2F dented side cover and big cap distributor.

    Side cover with hardware off a FJ60 2F and matching big cap distributor. $125. Pm me if interested.
  20. Indygbd

    For Sale  FJ40 front hardtop cap

    Fj40 front hardtop windshield cap. Surface rust. Good condition. $70.00 Plus shipping.
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