1. EsbenDenmark

    HZJ75 Suspension for both light AND heavy loads

    I am building an overland camper on the base of a 1994 HZJ75 pickup. The camper box will be demountable, so I will also be using the truck without the heavy camper box. I just weighed my truck and it is 2100kg unloaded, but with the camper box it will be more like 3000kg I see 4 main options...
  2. M

    Runaway Campers

    Hey everyone! We are pretty excited about becoming a new dealer for Runaway Campers here in southern Arizona. We currently only have the trailer pictured on our lot but are expecting a shipment of several models around the end of February. Please feel free to check out the direct link to our...
  3. dodored

    Camper Top for Standard Cab Conversion

    I recently had an interest in putting a camper top on my 1988 4x4 standard cab. I have collected some photos of different truck with the toppers on and thought that it would be cool to have one with a camper shell, considering I have another full size pickup to haul bigger stuff i. I started...
  4. TomasAllan

    For Sale  2020 Black Series HQ17 - Like New (SOLD!!!)

    Hey guys, I have a like new 2020 Black Series HQ17 Camper, owned it for just a couple months and our family situation has changed. Still has the new smell :) Only used it a couple times and its all as new as when we picked it up, build solid/stout and absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. Made the...
  5. William839

    For Sale  NM-1985 VW VANAGON

    85 VW Vanagon GL in great condition , very original . Zero rust .150k miles with 12k on a new 1.9 water boxxer .4 speed manual 2wd AC converted to r134, new shocks. Runs great, comes with cabinets mattress and table . Contact for more info 5058168380
  6. M

    For Sale  2012 4Runner SR5 With Camping/towing package

    Hello folks, got a beautiful silver 2012 4runner with 100k miles on it. Only two total owners, no mechanical issues (only had a bumper replaced from a big scratch). So as you can see from the pictures this comfortable and roomy SUV comes with a professionally installed tent on the roof, and has...
  7. GLTHFJ60

    The (failed) Moonshine Camper

    EDIT; this whole thing was a failure, lol. Stay tuned for the new direction. These first nine pages should serve as a lesson to any and all looking to buy a used camper, especially an old one. This is the new moonshine motel. Go to this thread to see the build for this new trailer/camper...
  8. Ecliff5

    SOLD  Hardhshell RTT

    Selling my hardshell COE Vehicle Solutions RTT. Super easy set up and break down. Ceiling & floor are fabric lined with cargo net, coat hooks and additional storage pockets. Has 2" thick removable mattress. Comes with all mounting hardware, telescopic ladder and poles for tent opening...

    SOLD  2014 Kimberley Kamper Platinum Edition

    Up for sale is my like new 2014 Kimberley Kamper Platinum Edition. Texas Title in Hand. This one has all the bells of whistles. 2014 was the year that most of the modern features were added and substantial improvements over other years. I have video links to YouTube for both the Third Party...
  10. Ali M

    Hard Shell Roof Top Tent vs Camping Trailer question

    This question may have been asked before but thought after 2018 Overland Expo, it is probably worth revisiting the pros/cons. Been looking at these hard shell roof top tents made by SkyCamp and James Baroud and they are very similar in size, weight and ergonomic design. I am looking for Mudders...
  11. mrjordann

    Does anyone make a pop-top for a 40 series?

    Hi, I have a standard length fj40 and i'd love a pop-top (as I am in the market for a new top, I thought I should definitely try to find a pop top). I've seen some pics of the long wheel-base troopies with pop-tops, but not 40s. I'd love it if you guys could help me out. Thanks!
  12. geocruiser

    For Sale  2013 Somerset Evolution E2 Pop-Up Camper Trailer

    Near-New Condition! Pittsburgh, PA $13,500 $11,500 OBO. 2013 Somerset Evolution E2 Pop-Up Camper. 2 King Pull-Out Beds, one Full-size bed on folded dinette. Off-road package with MT tires and lifted axle for great ground clearance. Fridge, sink, 2-burner stove, outdoor shower, toilet, water...
  13. M

    4x4 Expedition Camper for sale

    This week only, I've lowered the price from $88,700 to $75,000 for a quicker sale, as I have found another project vehicle and need this one gone Yes it is registered and titled as a RV Hello, I am selling my fully built out expedition camper. This vehicle was built on a 1995 Ford E350 7.3L...
  14. Alf Pacino

    Keep the rear bench seat in 78 camper

    Gentlemen, I was wondering does someone have an idea how to keep rear bench in 78 during the camper conversion? The problem is that 2 front seats are not enough, cause I need a place for 3 passengers aside from me, but I also want to have an opportunity to put everything inside the car + roof...
  15. k4azy

    SOLD  2015 T@G Little Guy Teardrop Camper - Raleigh NC

    Same model as the one shown in this video. The guy gives it a full walkthrough so I'll just put the highlights here. This was about $18K new in 2015. It has very low miles and is in very good condition. Asking $10K. AC (when connected to shore power) TV/DVD/Stereo 2-burner propane stove...
  16. Jacobmled

    78' Hilux Rebuild

    Hey there guys, I'm a pretty new member here, but I've been looking through the forums for months now. Searching for some help/advice on my project, so I'm going to go ahead and list all of the parts that have been replaced or restored and other misc work that has been done. New • KYB monotubes...
  17. F

    For Sale  Unimog expedition camper for sale

    So, we've just finished the trip through South America and our Mog is listed for sale (no reserve). Anyone's interested can take a look here: Unimog U1300 expedition camper 4x4 OM352 diesel | eBay
  18. F

    For Sale  Unimog U1300 expedition camper

    So, we've just finished the trip through South America and our Mog is listed for sale (no reserve). Anyone's interested can take a look here: Unimog U1300 expedition camper 4x4 OM352 diesel | eBay
  19. Travelin2gether

    T100 Central America Surf Hunter

    My wife and I were living on Maui when we decided we were going to drive from California to Panama, so we were starting from scratch when our plane touched down in California. Luckily we had generous family that allowed us to occupy their spare rooms and garages. Step 1: Get way too excited...
  20. L

    For Sale  1998 VenturCraft TrailBlazer Camper - $3200

    Hi, I don't own a Toyota anything, but this forum came up when I was looking for info on VenturCraft trailers. I was getting mine ready for sale so I thought I would post it here. We moved "up" to a 17-ft. Casita in 2006. This little camper has been taking up space sitting in the garage since...
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