1. Tufve

    Ground cable engine top?

    Hey! This is a 1988 HJ61 LHD cable picture taken from the passenger side. Anyone know where these should be connected to? There is black/yellow cable coming from the same cablestack that the oil pressure sensor is connected to. The other is a ground connecting to the engine top. The sockets does...
  2. taylorhayis

    Just bought front and rear cable lockers, what next?

    I think I just scored a deal of the century, saw a guy selling a front cable locker for the 60 for $325. Went to pick it up and he threw in a rear as well! Front is in a housing, and rear had been laying out in the rain, but I gave it a wire brush last night and turned out better than I...
  3. 73FJ40

    Routing of speedometer and e-brake cables

    Could someone please confirm the appropriate routing of these cables? It's a stock '73 FJ40. Above or below the clutch fork? Above or below the PTO gearbox (picture shows PTO blanking cover, but I'm adding the PTO gearbox and drive shaft once I refurbish it.) Any particular clamps or...
  4. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  60 Choke Cable

    I have a choke cable I pulled out of my 60 when I did an efi conversion. Great condition. $50 Located in Brandon, MS
  5. sunrk

    Replacing old (original?) engine to main battery earth cable

    I've been working on a replacement for my 80's primary engine earth cable linking the neg terminal of the main battery direct to the connection point at the bottom of the 1hz engine block. This is what the end fixed to engine looked like until I took it off yesterday: '] pic page The bolt is...
  6. sunrk

    Source for round rubber grommet thing for battery box cable holes

    Can anyone tell me where to find these rubber grommet things for the circular openings in the Toyota battery trays? pic page Neither my main one (shown here) or the aux one which both have two of these holes appear to have come with the rubber grommets and I haven't seen a reference to them...
  7. mrjordann

    Wanted  WTB FJ40 Throttle Cable

    Mine suddenly broke, and they're expensive online. Anybody have an extra throttle cable for any reason? Thanks! (Weber carb)
  8. MScruiser

    Discontinued Toyota choke cable? No problem! Roll your own.

    Like many others before me, my 40 had a choke cable that was in very bad shape and beyond repair. Of course like many before me, I went online to order a new one only to discover that Toyota had discontinued FJ-40 choke cables years ago. What was I to do? There were plenty of aftermarket...
  9. TheRareElement

    The proper Cable Gland for routing a LED Bar cable through roof

    Hey guys, Just purchased a led light bar and plan to install it under my ARB roof rack, in the space between the roof rack & roof. Instead of having it's cable routed through the gutter and then through to the inside, I am willing (reluctantly :nailbiting:) to drill in the roof, right above the...
  10. M

    Wanted  I need a fj40 1979 choke cable

    Hi, 1979 fj40 choke cable needed. Thanks, Mike
  11. jzilla

    Throttle cable 70 in a 60

    Has anyone installed the 70 series twist style throttle as opposed to the 60 series pull style? The 70 series one is much better imo and I was hoping someone had tried it. Don't see why it would not fit?
  12. LBridges

    Techstream cable software driver info

    Bottom line - up front: if you think you might buy a 2017 LC (or other new Toyota?) and plan to but haven't yet bought a copy of Techstream, you should make sure you get a cable with firmware/software drivers that is version 2.0.X. I recently purchased a new LC and I wanted to turn off the...
  13. thebigredrocker

    71 Front Drive cable removal

    My vacuum actuated front drive works great, but I want to restore the FD knob. Is it a bad idea to remove the cable?
  14. T

    For Sale  2 Warn Winches witch cable controls.

    One works one for parts. 400 obo 42743 Could meet with in 100 miles.
  15. M

    Best Cable Route for Dual Battery

    I am planning my install for a new auxiliary battery on the RH side. What is the best route to install the cables to connect the batteries? Around the front of the radiator? Or around the back firewall but this will add an extra few feet of cabling? How do you remove the black plastic clips...
  16. rc51kid

    using steel cable as winch line

    So i switched to synthetic line and had a bunch of good steel rope. I trimmed off about 40" that was in good shape, has the thimble on one end. Went to get another thimble put on the other end so i can use it as extension. The rigging shop eventually called back and said there boss didnt want to...
  17. Tassie KZJ78

    KZJ78 Speedo cable

    Hi All, Does anyone know if any other Toyota speedo cables are interchangeable with the prado ones? ie 60 / 75 / 80 series, hilux? Mine's completely broken, and chances of finding one here in Australia are slim... Toyota part no. is: 83710-60271 Cheers.

    Wanted  RTH!!! fj62 throttle cable

    ^^^as stated. Looking for decent condition fairly priced fj62 3FE throttle cable. my fix is borrowed time at best and this is my daily driver. Also interested in junk cables for housing thimbles for use in potential reproduction cable prototypes...Please let me know.
  19. davework

    Wanted  Choke Cable Later FJ40 for a 1979

    Looking for a clean choke cable for my 1979 FJ40. Have the knob, so also open to buying just the body and cable if someone has one missing a knob. Needs to be in good condition. PM or post me with what you have, pic, and price. Thanks
  20. CRZR45

    Wanted  70 series cable locked axles

    Anyone have any cable locked axles complete with cables for a 70 for sale?
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