Has anyone gotten their LC registered trough Montana to drive in CA?

    I’m planing on getting a TLC 77 and from what I can tell is going to be hard to register it in CA. I was wondering if anyone out there has gone trough a Montana LLC to register the truck in Montana and be able to drive it in CA? Thank you
  2. C

    For Sale  Not mine: 1969 FJ40

    Advertised as a 1969 FJ40 in Santa Clarita, CA.
  3. C

    Wanted  Downey Headers (California)

    If any of you have some old California legal Downey headers laying around or know someone else who does, and wouldn't mind making a few extra bucks, I'm in the market. And by that I mean I really need some, since apparently a machine shop can't resurface exhaust headers because of the no. 1 and...
  4. TwelveGravity

    SOLD  [CA] 1980 FJ40 Grill Mesh **DELETE**

    Looking for a mesh for my 1980. I think 79 and up will fit but I don't know for sure. With or without Toyota Emblem. In reasonable shape please. Not mint but not beat up. Greatly Appreciate it. I will also in the near future be looking into the driver side spare tire carrier for the same year.
  5. mydogsmonkey

    MUDShip  Looking for Mudship Vacaville, CA to Los Angeles Area

    Looking for someone to pick up a set of springs for me to be delivered somewhere in the Los Angeles area.
  6. TwelveGravity

    For Sale  [CA] 1997 Honda Civic

    I know this is no TLC but after my recent purchase of my 2001 Tacoma I need to sell my previous commuter. 1997 Honda Civic HX 4 cyl, 5 Speed Manual. 181k Miles, New tires. Tinted windows. Heater, A/C, Power windows, Power door locks. 5 Disc CD changer (Honda original). This car is all original...
  7. baldilocks

    For Sale  OME competition springs, SOLD

    80 series OME comp 5" front pair and 4" rear pair. Together, these springs render a level stance. They are in great condition with no rust. The rears have seen maybe one year of use and the fronts 2 years. No sagging. You will get what you pay for. $120/pair of $200 for all 4.
  8. baldilocks

    For Sale  Slee 4" front coils, FZJ80, SOLD

    In great condition, no rust. $120 plus shipping from 95688.
  9. AZcruisers100and80

    For Sale  103k miles CA clean 04 LX w Timing Belt+new BFGs

    SOLD TO ANOTHER MUDDER. THIS VEHICLE IS NOW SOLD AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE. (when I refer to "minor scratches" you can see the largest one in this pic, on the corner of the front bumper, driver-side corner. That black mark is a small scratch, which I will fill with matched touch-up...
  10. Rocketeer

    For Sale  San Jose, CA - 1996 LX450 Factory Lockers, Supercharged

    I've owned this for the past 13 Years. It started as a stock LX 450 fully loaded with factory lockers. I have found my next project and need to sell this to get it. Price: $19,000 If I don't sell before the other one does then I will keep this. I love this truck and the only reason I would sell...
  11. LandCruiserPhil

    MUDShip  Hanford, Ca 93230 to San Diego Ca *fender flares*

    Have a set of 80 series fender flare. Looking for a Mudship from Hanford, Ca 93230 to San Diego Ca.
  12. ginmtb

    CA Emissions Windshield Decal

    My cruiser came with this decal on my windshield I was sad when the window had to be replaced and the decal couldn't be salvaged. I forgot I had taken a photo of it and I have recreated it and plan on getting a small run done on these. It's not a 100% perfect duplicate but it is pretty close...
  13. Nado FJ

    Wanted  76-79 CA Intake/Exhaust Manifold

    I got a big ole crack in my exhaust manifold. I have 77' FJ40 (10/76 build date) California model. According to SOR, there is a special intake/exhaust manifold just for us poor California saps. Anyone have an extra lying around they would be willing to sell?
  14. Atwalz

    Looking for a donor 100 series(1999-2002) near Sacramento, CA

    If anyone comes across a decently maintained 100 series (1998-2002) totaled please let me know. I want to swap the powertrain into a 1994 land cruiser FZJ80.
  15. H

    For Sale  71 FJ40 Sacramento CA $1500

    I have an FJ40 rolling chassis with f145 motor, 3 speed, and all other drivetrain. The tub needs help as seen in pix (has had some previous rust repair and the drivers floor was taken out) and the front clip is missing. I do have some parts such as a hood, windshield, etc that could be made...
  16. CharlestonG8R

    For Sale  FJ45 For Sale in The OC (CA)

    No affiliation - wrong coast... But is this for real? Toyota FJ45 Land cruiser
  17. hardstatic

    craigslist  1988 FJ62 Los Osos, CA $5k

    1988 Toyota Land Cruiser (Good running condition) I don't suspect this will last long!
  18. Gman509

    Advice needed - install new catalytic converters? Moving '01 LX470 to CA

    Hi all - don't post much, but looking for some advice. Currently in the Dominican Republic and returning to the US soon (San Diego area). Shipping LX back in May. Currently she is at 125k so I just did a bunch of preventative maintenance - changing all fluids, lube, repacking front wheel...
  19. GXLee

    SOLD  Wilco Hitchgate Classic, Bay Area, CA

    I have a classic Wilco Hitchgate for sale that's been used on 2 trips. Manufactured April 2016 so it's about a year old. No rust, works perfectly. I also added a rotopax mount but I'll probably keep it. But the holes are there to add one if you want. I'm going to get another one but need it to...
  20. dpr64

    MUDShip  Delete please

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