1. J

    My budget sleeping setup - $29ish

    So I want to start experience going out and camping in my LC100. I dont want to spend a lot in drawers or sleeping platform until I'm sure about the route I'm going. I figured I can measure and cut a set of plastic shelves(Lowes) to match the height of the folded back seats (around 10.25") I...
  2. S

    Simple DIY 3-Link Using Factory Mounts Build

    This seemed like something super cool I'm playing with that should maybe get more attention than my build. Backstory: I'm building a FZJ80 to race King of the Hammers and Ultra4, and as everyone knows the stock radius arms suck ass. I am allowed to run 14" travel shocks for my class, but the...


    As I build my budget FJ40 I'm gravitated towards the $500 4" Procomp or Rough Country lifts available when comparing them to the prices for the OME. I understand the reasons to avoid the cheaper alternatives but there has to be another way. I'm also a little confused why one of two people have...
  4. Mag71k5

    Wanted 1993-97, Budget tops at 9.5k

    Hello, Looking for a semi built 80's series, prefer locked but would consider any clean cruiser. Thanks for the interest. Would be better if its located around the southeast just for logistic reasons. I could also possible trade a 1971 k5 if anyone wants heavy chevy. I wouldn't do lower...
  5. koretex

    100 vs 200 $40k budget

    Here's my situation... I need a daily driver that can be a comfortable DD that can carry 6 people(and sometimes a german shepard). It needs to be able to go wheeling and camping on the weekends. It needs to be reliable and comfortable enough to take long trips (8-24hrs) a couple of times a...
  6. M

    First Time Buyer Looking For Advice - 15k Budget

    Hi, I posted to the 200-series forum last night and they recommended I post here as well. I'm in the market for my first Land Cruiser (or LX470) with a 15k budget. I'm finding vehicles from the early 2000's with 150k-200k and some earlier models from the 90s with fewer miles (in some cases)...
  7. M

    Need Advice Finding a Cruiser with 15k Budget

    Hi, I'm new to the word of Land Cruisers. I need a rugged and dependable vehicle with a lot of space for passengers and/or cargo. I have 15k to spend so I'm looking at an older model. For my money it looks like I can buy an early 2000s LC or LX470 with between 150k-200k. I've noticed a...
  8. C

    Hj45 tourer

    Hey guys thought I would post up a pic here of my hj45. I bought it as a near original arkana with a rotten roof and have slowly been tinkering over the last few years
  9. S

    Affordable build ideas?!

    I've had my LC for almost a year now and I think I've finally finished all the PM's and getting it to a place where I feel good about driving it long distances to remote places. Maybe since all the boring stuff is out of the way and its all the goodies from here on out I should start a build...
  10. W

    1fz-fe too much warp?

    Hello, I pulled the head off my 1995.5 FZJ-80 last week (blown headgasket, running hot and bubbles in coolant), and the cam bearings are out 1/32" on each end (guessing, it was too much for the thickest bar on the feeler guage). Is this too much to be straightened without cracking? I've heard...
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