1. R

    80 Series Bumper

    Hey all, I purchased my 95 cruiser roughly 6 months ago now. From the day I purchased it, the stock front bumper was absolutely demolished. As such, I have been looking for a replacement. For the time being I have just had the bumper off and figured it could drive it without one at least until I...
  2. subspd

    Builds  The SUBdued GX470 build

    Current. Well I have owned a lot of Toyotas over the years and sold them for various reasons. But now I get to build a dedicated travel rig. Something I have learned from traveling over the years and especially in other countries is to keep your truck as unblingy or as low key as possible. (MX...
  3. J0seph

    My budget sleeping setup - $29ish

    So I want to start experience going out and camping in my LC100. I dont want to spend a lot in drawers or sleeping platform until I'm sure about the route I'm going. I figured I can measure and cut a set of plastic shelves(Lowes) to match the height of the folded back seats (around 10.25") I...
  4. S

    Simple DIY 3-Link Using Factory Mounts Build

    This seemed like something super cool I'm playing with that should maybe get more attention than my build. Backstory: I'm building a FZJ80 to race King of the Hammers and Ultra4, and as everyone knows the stock radius arms suck ass. I am allowed to run 14" travel shocks for my class, but the...


    As I build my budget FJ40 I'm gravitated towards the $500 4" Procomp or Rough Country lifts available when comparing them to the prices for the OME. I understand the reasons to avoid the cheaper alternatives but there has to be another way. I'm also a little confused why one of two people have...
  6. Mag71k5

    Wanted  1993-97, Budget tops at 9.5k

    Hello, Looking for a semi built 80's series, prefer locked but would consider any clean cruiser. Thanks for the interest. Would be better if its located around the southeast just for logistic reasons. I could also possible trade a 1971 k5 if anyone wants heavy chevy. I wouldn't do lower...
  7. M

    First Time Buyer Looking For Advice - 15k Budget

    Hi, I posted to the 200-series forum last night and they recommended I post here as well. I'm in the market for my first Land Cruiser (or LX470) with a 15k budget. I'm finding vehicles from the early 2000's with 150k-200k and some earlier models from the 90s with fewer miles (in some cases)...
  8. M

    Need Advice Finding a Cruiser with 15k Budget

    Hi, I'm new to the word of Land Cruisers. I need a rugged and dependable vehicle with a lot of space for passengers and/or cargo. I have 15k to spend so I'm looking at an older model. For my money it looks like I can buy an early 2000s LC or LX470 with between 150k-200k. I've noticed a...
  9. C

    Hj45 tourer

    Hey guys thought I would post up a pic here of my hj45. I bought it as a near original arkana with a rotten roof and have slowly been tinkering over the last few years
  10. S

    Affordable build ideas?!

    I've had my LC for almost a year now and I think I've finally finished all the PM's and getting it to a place where I feel good about driving it long distances to remote places. Maybe since all the boring stuff is out of the way and its all the goodies from here on out I should start a build...
  11. W

    1fz-fe too much warp?

    Hello, I pulled the head off my 1995.5 FZJ-80 last week (blown headgasket, running hot and bubbles in coolant), and the cam bearings are out 1/32" on each end (guessing, it was too much for the thickest bar on the feeler guage). Is this too much to be straightened without cracking? I've heard...
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