80 Series Bumper

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Jun 24, 2020
Aurora Colorado
Hey all,
I purchased my 95 cruiser roughly 6 months ago now. From the day I purchased it, the stock front bumper was absolutely demolished. As such, I have been looking for a replacement. For the time being I have just had the bumper off and figured it could drive it without one at least until I find a decent bumper. As it turns out however, a front license plate is mandatory in the state of Colorado, and I can mount one very easily without a bumper of some kind. I’m sure this is a commonly asked question, but are there any aftermarket bumper options that won’t run me more than 600 dollars or so? I understand that protection isn’t exactly something to be cheap on, but I will likely rarely take this truck on terribly difficult terrain, and I am most definitely on a budget. I just want something that can width stand the occasional run in with a small rock or a small bump into a tree etc. If anyone has any recommendations for bumpers, or just as to what I should do in general, that would be greatly appreciated.
I know it's a bit of a stretch from $600, but you can get a brand new ARB non-winch bumper for around $850 shipped. If you shop around, I'm sure you can find a discount code for another $30-$50 off. I can't say I know of another aftermarket bumper readily available for less.
@Rowdog what did you end up doing (after 2 years)? My stock bumper's paint is pretty bad after years in the sun and after looking around it seems I could replace it with parts from a dealer/online for around $400.

I'm tempted to do it, but wondering if anyone has ordered one and knows if they come painted? For $400 it would probably be cheaper to get it new if it was already painted than to pay a shop to do it.

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