1. OffRoad911

    BJ42 1982

    Hello mud community from Manchester, UK. Just joined the forum and hope I will be able to contribute as well as benefit from the wisdom of so many contributors here. I am in the process of buying a BJ42, year model 1982, LHD, 3.5 l Diesel vehicle. Wanted to know if anyone can please point me...
  2. DTSkyCop

    For Sale Not Min - Craigslist ad - 1980 BJ40 - Dallas Area - $21990

    1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ-40 (Factory Diesel FJ-40) - Restored! Saw this while surfing the net!
  3. J

    Parts availability for FJ40/ BJ 40

    Hi everyone, i thought of asking this question here to get some generalideas as well as to help any new person who is going to buy a cruiser. What are your thoughts on the availability of spare parts for the Fj40/BJ40 in the coming years. Think 5-10 years down the line? Will an owner be able...
  4. christianleeboy

    Looking for BJ42 3B Engine Rebuild Kit

    Hello fellow diesel cruiser owners, I'm in need of a 3B engine rebuild kit for my 1982 BJ42. There are two listings of the rebuild kit on eBay for the 3B engine, both from Australia and priced around $742 USD. Is this a good price and does it seem to be a good kit? Any other suppliers out...
  5. N

    3B BJ70 in BJ40

    Hi all, I have a 1978 BJ40 with the stock B engine. I would want to replace the B engine with a 3B with a turbo, and keep my 4 speed. Does anyone know if a 3B engine (NOT with rotary fuel pump) from a BJ70 will be a straigth swap or does anything need to be changed ? I have sourced a good one...
  6. jbzee

    For Sale BJ40 Bargain

    Toyota : Land Cruiser disregard...
  7. jbzee

    For Sale 1977 BJ40 Full Resto

    Just completed 1977 body off restoration of dry original 2 owner truck. 1000 man hours went into this, all oem parts where needed, all fresh seals, gaskets and emblems. $41,900 truck can be seen in West Palm Beach, Fl. has clean FL title and registration. Rolling on brand new BFG Mud Terrain...
  8. MauricioR

    BJ40 Overhaul and Turbo Diesel Intercooler Convertion.

    Hello, my name is Robert. My grandfather gave me his BJ40 (1978) long time ago. I been riding this monster since I was 13 years old. It has been on my family since I was born. (I'm 20) The thing is that, I started to get money to make an overhaul to the engine. (Last overhaul was 18 years ago)...
  9. 24vRHD

    For Sale 1980 BJ41 Winch Roof Top Tent - Houston, TX

    ----- SOLD $15,000 ----- Just wanted to revisit and update this so people know it has been sold and what price it went for. It's moved on to a great new owner and will be hanging out on a farm in Florida. So I have come to the sad realization that I don't use or drive this truck enough...
  10. K

    My new BJ42

    So I eventually took the plunge and bought the BJ42 after looking around for a couple of months. Bought this from the South Australian/Victorian border so it was a "blind" purchase as I am based in Sydney. I got a mechanic down there to have a quick check and a once over so when it arrived there...
  11. AlbertoSD

    SOLD OCD OD Green Canvas 40-series Soft Top - Sold

    I bought this OCD Olive Soft Top from a MUD member last year and will not use it. The top has been stored unfolded, on my spare bedroom, away from the sun. New. Asking what I paid, $825 shipped within the continental U.S. Link from when I bought it: OD green canvas OCD soft top Thanks...
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