1. 1977BJ40

    For Sale  B Engine for sale - $2000, you figure shipping from Austin, TX

    Hello all, yes this is a new account but I made it in order to post this engine for sale. Asking $2000 and you figure out how you would like to ship or pick it up. Originated from Costa Rica 1977 BJ40. Florida seller only did the import and title/registration and had very little information...
  2. B

    1979 BJ40 CDN 24Volt Evil tap headlight issue

    I have a new to me BJ40 with a very dim headlight on the passenger side. I fixed a broken wire to a non operational turn indicator bulb in the cluster and replaced all the battery cables with 0aught. That resulted in a working indicator in the cluster but now the high beam indicator stays on at...
  3. William839

    SOLD  Sold

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  4. Brost

    For Sale  1969 FJ40 12HT 5 Speed

    Specs: - 12HT engine swap, cosmetic refresh, new TD05 16G turbo feeding a 3” exhaust - H55f 5 speed swap - polished crossover pipes and custom stainless intake - OME suspension - fully rebuilt axles - disc brake conversion - power steering conversion - refurbished top and new head liner - new...
  5. 5

    Wanted  1976-80 FJ40

    Looking to buy 1976-80 fj40 under 15k. Looking for one that is fairly original. Located in central Kansas but willing to travel. Thanks!
  6. T

    Novice needs help starting

    1979 Bj40 with 3B engine. Key will not rotate backwards to “glow” position and glow light does not appear to illuminate. So 1) starting procedure? 2)how to check/change glow light? 3)should glow light come on with the push button? Thanks for the help!
  7. T

    Oil pressure conundrum

    1979 Canadian 24volt BJ40 with 3B engine. No oil pressure on the gauge. Grounding the wire leading to the sender causes the gauge to max out. Removed the old sender and installed new 24volt sender. Still no reading on the gauge. By the way the old sender was marked 12 volt.
  8. S

    Canadian Frame Numbers for BJ40?

    Anyone know if the Canadian market BJ4x frame numbers are the same for reference dates as the American FJ4x?
  9. 1

    Sourcing the Electronic Diesel Injection Control for BJ40

    Would anybody be able to tell me where I could source the electronic diesel injection control / wiring harness for a BJ40? Thanks and happy new year!
  10. wylandcruiser

    For Sale  Casper Wy 1979 Fj40

    1979 Toyota Fj40 for sale Recently purchased the truck in June of ‘22 and really don’t want to sell it but I have to pay for flight school somehow. Been stored inside throughout my ownership. Barely touched it other than some brand new tires, just took it for the occasional drive on the...
  11. S

    Year help on my new BJ40 series

    Just bought my first Landcruiser. I am sure this is a dumb question, but I'm asking anyway. I am trying to figure out exactly what I have. It was listed as a 1979 but There are multiple vins/identifiers on the rig. Can anyone help me to figure it out? It was imported from Canada last year...
  12. P

    Is this 1977 BJ40 worth restoring?

    Hey all, first post. Been following this forum for a few months. Recently had an opportunity to pick up this BJ40 for $4k which is very reasonable considering where I live all vehicles are import taxed about 50%. However, as you will see in the pictures it undoubtedly needs some work. I've been...
  13. ToyotaDyna

    24 Volt BJ40 parasitic draw test

    Hi Guys, To carry out a parasitic draw test on a 24 volt BJ40 wired in series would I just dissconnect the earth terminal ( nearest the earth strap ) and put my multimeter between the - battery post and battery clamp like a 12v? Thanks in advance! ToyotaDyna --------- Looking for a Diesel...
  14. Gub67

    BJ40 Turn Signal Not Working

    Reposting this here. Originally posted under Diesel section I have a question concerning a turn signal issue on my 24V - 1983 BJ40. The left rear turn signal does not work. The left side dash turn signal indicator works….although it flashes very fast, unlike the right side turn indicator which...
  15. Gub67

    BJ40 Rear Turn Signal Not Working

    I have a question concerning a turn signal issue on my 24V - 1983 BJ40. The left rear turn signal does not work. The left side dash turn signal indicator works….although it flashes very fast, unlike the right side turn indicator which flashes normally. The 24V bulb is fine. I tried a new 24V...
  16. Edger

    Costa Rican BJ40 is now home.

    Picked up the BJ40 Saturday. Engine runs great, tranny shifts fine, hubs lock and unlock smoothly, transfer case shifts well, It has brakes modified to discs all 4. Power steering added as well. Issues are brakes need some service as they pull mightily to the right. The steering is a bit...
  17. Soberacho

    My Bushless BJ40 ..

    Long story short, I replaced the speedo cable over the weekend and while I was under the cruisier a quick inspection of the suspension revealed the spring pin bushings were totally disintegrated, and all the shackle bushings are in bad shape which probably explains all the road noise and rattle...
  18. Edger

    Noobie getting BJ40 on the 9th.

    My wife and I owned a FJ40 back in the 70's. Love at first sight - FJ and each other. being military, we shipped it to Germany for our 3-year tour. Sadly, it had to be traded for a faster more comfortable car when we got it back to the states. Now, we'll be having a '75 BJ40 from Costa Rica to...
  19. konradjk

    For Sale  Wanted - FJ40/BJ42 tub that's repairable PNW preferred

    Hey gang, long shot here but looking for a tub (have doors, roof and barn doors) but both tubs I have are pretty bad. Looking for a repairable tub before I order one from China. I know it's a long shot, but this community surprises me each time. Looking for a later 1979-onwards tub. Pickup...
  20. A

    Landcruiser BJ40 1981 Wiring colour diagram required

    Hello all, good to find you guys here, and active. I have the above vehicle and a short at the rear left light cluster. when i indicate it flashes the brake/ running light too. This situation ONLY occurs when i attach a light converter to the mix. If i dont attach it to the five wires...i...
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