1. LJCedric

    SOLD Europa: 40-series - Power Take Off (PTO- Four speed

    Hi, I have two PTO's for sale for a 40-series. Both dry with new seals. One has been welded up but is absolutely leak free. PTO 1 which has been welded. Very good condition, complete with home made linkage: PTO 2 which has not been welded. Very good condition, complete with home made...
  2. LJCedric

    80-series PTO Winch drive shaft compatible with 40-series PTO winch?

    Hi mudders, Is this drive shaft, of a PTO winch of an 80-series, compatible with this PTO winch, of a 40-series? What I mean is: do the male grooves of the drive shaft fit the female grooves of the original 40-series U-joint? ;) Never mind the length. I understand driveshaft will need...
  3. audaciousduo

    For Sale Vancouver Island 1980 BJ40/42

    I’ve decided to part with my Bj40 Land Cruiser as I don’t have the time to enjoy it needs to go to someone who will use it. The truck is as follows: 1980 BJ40 with current BC registration. The truck is a combination of a BJ40 with some 42 upgrades. This was my daily driver until recently and is...
  4. MSP1989

    For Sale 40, 55, 56 series Parking Brake Drum 74’-80’

    Description: Parking Brake Drum , 10 spline P/N: 46501-60012 Condition: NOS Fitment: FJ40, FJ43, FJ45 , FJ55, FJ56 BJ40, BJ41, BJ43 HJ45 74’-80’ (Press on applicability to show fitment) *not 100% accurate the buyer must make sure of fitment using the...
  5. F

    SOLD 1973 FJ40 Built for Trail and Crawling

    This is a very capable off road Toyota FJ40 that is ready for overlanding and rock crawling. I built this rig with the intention of driving to the Rubicon Trail, wheeling the trail, and driving back home. There is rust in the back quarter panels that these FJ40's are known to have. There are...
  6. MSP1989

    SOLD FJ40, HJ40, BJ40 Front Ventilator kit

    Description: Front Ventilator kit 1. Hood Cover ( NOS ), P/N: 55768-60010 2. Damper ( Used & restored ). P/N: 55848-90300 3. Damper Packing ( Used ). P/N: 55881-90300 4. Cowl Ventilator Damper Link ( Used ). P/N: 55809-90800 5. Cowl Ventilator Control Rod, (Used & OEM ) P/N: 55804-90800...
  7. MSP1989

    For Sale FJ40 series Steering Damper

    Description : Steering Damper P/N: 45700-69015 Condition: NOS QTY. More than 10pcs Fitment: Not 100% accurate Price: $96.66 Shipping: Express EMS $50.40 Payment : PayPal
  8. MSP1989

    For Sale NOS FJ40 Front Doors

    Hey there Have some doors for sale , the inventory as shown below along with prices & QTY. : 1. FJ40 , 80’-79’ Front Lh Door W/Vent , QTY. 4 Doors = $346.66 per each 🎈2 doors Sold Out & 2 remaining 🎈 2. FJ40 , 75’-78’ Front Right Door W/Vent , QTY. 1 Door = $346.66 🎈Sold Out 🎈 3. FJ40 74’...
  9. FlimmyFlam

    For Sale Golden, CO: 1979 BJ40 Body-off Restoration

    1979 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 - body-off restored in French Racing Blue over gray cloth, and a rebuilt 3.0-liter "B" diesel inline-four paired with a four-speed manual transmission. Features include a partial roll cage, removable bikini top, 15″ steel wheels with Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT...
  10. MSP1989

    For Sale BJ40, HJ40 & FJ40 Radiator Cover

    🔥 Radiator Cover with chain 🔥 P/N 16401-49015 Fitment : For B , H & 2F engines Condition : New & OEM Price : $60.00 Shipping: DHL worldwide $29.00
  11. R

    Coolant leaking bad!! Need advice

    ive got a 1980 Bj40, with a very bad coolant leak that’s coming from The engine, im not sure what I can do about it, that’s is why I’m here. Ive Tried to include the best photos I could take of the issue, Circled the leaking spot in red in 2 pics and in the pic with out red you can actually...
  12. K

    For Sale Hello, sorry I’m new too this.

  13. BWhitey

    1979 BJ40 - Oil Pan for my B Series Engine????

    Looking for an oil pan for my B Series engine. If anyone has one to unload or can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. BWhitey

    Alternator for 12V B Diesel w/ Vintage AC

    1979 BJ40 - Need advice on how to solve a low amperage issue after adding a Vintage AC system to my 12V 1979 BJ40 powered by a B Diesel engine. To my understanding the vehicle needs at least a 60 amp alternator to function properly. I have searched high and low for a solution and have run into a...
  15. J

    SOLD 1977 BJ40 12V Diesel SW Missouri

    I bought this cruiser for my wife but she wants a 60 series so up for sale it goes. The truck came from a sugar plantation in Costa Rica and is a little rough but seems to be complete. It was a daily driver until 6 mo ago when the PO moved out of country, she wasn't able to take the truck with...
  16. Yota76

    Distance to bumper

    Hello friends, Picked up this restored BJ42 a few years ago and never liked the huge Bullbar. I've noticed that it appears they welded extensions to fit the bumper. Is it me or is it a few inches further than stock? My plan is to put stock back on. Looks like I'll need to cut.
  17. BJ40Verona

    BJ40 Restored from Italy

    Dear Mudders, after a long year of a frame off restoration (and some mods...) I would like to thank all the forumers as I've found thousands of answers, suggestions, ideas and information that was absolutely useful to achieve my result. It's my pleasure to share with you some pictures. The baby...
  18. T

    hj45 1977 roof extension

    gday ive got a hj45 1977 ive just started work on im pretty tall so I dont fit in the cab to well 🤣 I was thinking about doing a cab extension i was looking for a roof that would fit width wise but definitely needs to be longer so I can cut it down and weld it back. I was thinking a bj42 or...
  19. The Decoy

    Handbook for the BJ40 owner

    Hi, I’m looking for a manual to help me with any basic fixes, or to just generally learn, about a BJ 40 LX ‘82. Can anyone advise me if there is a ‘go-to’ manual for these vehicles?
  20. Pura Vida

    My progression over the coming years with an interesting forty

    I’m going to be posting to this thread with my progression of my truck. This truck is my first car that I bought when I was 15.It is a 1979 (sike, turns out it’s a 77) BJ40 diesel. I bought it from a guy in Costa Rica who restored a ton of stuff back to factory spec. I got a killer deal on it...
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