1. CostaCruiser84

    1977 BJ40 Build Thread

    Starting a thread for my 'new to me' BJ40. It is originally from Costa Rica. It ran pretty good when I bought it and then promptly stopped (actually didn't run when we picked it up but I thought the battery was just dead from the cold). Anyway, a buddy and me have started the process of getting...
  2. B

    Nomanual for this build

    So I started with a 75 BJ40 with the original B engine and 4 spd transmission in June of 2018. I quickly realized that driving this underpowered tractor in California I was going to need to find something to give it a little more pep in its step so I attempted to put a turbo kit on this...
  3. C

    For Sale  1977 BJ40

    It's finally happening. Selling my 77 BJ. (3b) Asking $22,500 OBO. I am located in San Diego. This is a great community and would love another enthusiasts to have this. Car runs great. I will write up a full listing shortly. Here is just a quick teaser to stir up some interest. Tags and...
  4. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: Toyota Dyna BU212 BJ40 FJ40 BJ41 BJ42 BJ43 BJ45 BJ47 BJ46 Starter Relay 24V OEM 28300-56010

    Selling my Toyota 24V OEM Starter Relay Compatibility is with Dyna BU212 BJ40 FJ40 BJ41 BJ42 BJ43 BJ45 BJ47 BJ46 $125 shipped wordwide
  5. eastATX40

    BJ40 OME Suspension Rear slump

    Hey all. I’m hoping someone can answer a few questions regarding a OME suspension kit I just finished installing on my 1975 BJ40 I received the kit from Cruiser Corps. It was a 2” light load kit with all new shackles and pins. After finishing install the rear shocks are almost completely...
  6. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: FJ60/62 Tachometer TACH RPM

    1) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $250 83270-90A07 In Great condition. Cleaned and serviced. 2) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $150 83270-90A15 The locks have been repaired. 3) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM: $200 83270-90A10 In Great condition. 4) FJ62 RPM 12V Tach Assembly RPM...
  7. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: LC 40/60/70 Series Parts - PAYPAL with Global Tracked Shipping! PRICE DROP!

    Hello! I'm selling JDM Spares for the 40, 60 & 70 Series Land Cruiser. These have been recently restored and serviced. 1) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT Condition! 86120-60040 #1 2) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT...
  8. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: FJ40 / BJ40 Parts for sale. Paypal Accepted! PRICE DROP!

    Hello guys! Selling the following after restoring a BJ40 here in Pakistan. The spares are now in Dubai, and will be shipped from here. I accept Paypal (and not the mysterious Western Union) and shipping is tracked and included in the asking price :) 1) 1 FJ40 (originally 70 Series, also...
  9. TeamJB

    SOLD  FJ40 transfer case shift knob

    I have few shift knobs for fj40/bj40, 73-80 model. 25$+shipping.
  10. Moriarty

    BJ40 video karachi Pakistan

  11. mrjordann

    eBay  OEM FJ40 Soft Doors

    Factory soft doors, I assume they fit any 40-series. here is a link to the ebay post
  12. MrBG

    For Sale  SOLD: Virginia- 1981 BJ40 LHD - 28k OBO

    ***Pics on Craigslist: TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ40/BJ40 DIESEL! Up for sale is my 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40. It features the indestructible Toyota B diesel engine (gets 30 mpg highway). Diesel models were never sold in the U.S., and as a bonus this truck is the rarer left-hand drive model...
  13. bpeeps00

    1979 BJ40 in Honduras

    About 9 months ago my dreams finally came true. I was able to find a really well kept 40, something I always wanted long before I ever even arrived here in Honduras 6 years ago. And better yet... diesel. Original motor. Odometer doesn’t work, but has around 250-300k miles. From one of the very...
  14. mrjordann

    Are these rubber bumperettes for a 40-series?

    Hi, I found these rubber bumper things on ebay. I've never seen them before, does anyone have these or have a picture of them installed? Do they replace the metal bumperettes, or bolt over them? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. OffRoad911

    Sealing the Tub - Full Frame Off Restoration

    Another question for those who have done a professional full Frame Off restoration. Once you have removed the insulation material applied to the areas near the foot wells, how do you replace it? What material is used to replace the original material? What purpose does this serve? Also the...
  16. Memphisau79

    BJ40 Exhaust smoke

    Howdy! First time posting... I have a 78 BJ40 that I’ve been rebuilding, and when firing it up for the first time, exhaust smoke was excessive, sometimes grey, sometimes darker and would calm to almost normal when bringing RPMs up. Attached are a few photos illustrating the changes as I start...
  17. OffRoad911

    BJ40 4 Speed to 5 Speed Conversion

    Would like to hear from anyone who has successfully completed a 4-speed gearbox conversion into a 5-speed gearbox. If so, what was the improvement and are there any long term issues with any of the components used to align the system?. What speed difference has been noted on the B Type Diesel...
  18. B

    1982 BJ40 Restoration/Modification

    Hello all, I posted once or twice on here several months ago seeking input to inform my choice of land cruiser. After looking at dozens of them, I came to the realization that rather than finding the perfect cruiser, I needed to look through the superficial parts to find the perfect bones of a...
  19. dubestoy

    '79 B Motor Water pump w Fan Clutch - discontinued - HELP!

    I have a BJ 40 , w '79 Motor. Any one have experience with substituting a NON Fan Clutch water pump for an original ( leaking) water pump WITH Fan Clutch ??? The original is apparently discontinued. Anyone know of a source? It would seem that the length of the water pump shaft that the fan...
  20. N

    For Sale  1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ41 RHD Diesel

    Up for sale is my 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ41. It is right hand drive, imported legally from Japan almost two years ago. I have a Nevada title for it, and have had plates on it and insurance here in Nevada. It will pass diesel smog but of course it doesn't have to because of the age. Make...
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