1. NZBJ71

    RCV 30 spline Birfield on a Longfield 30 spline inner axle, will it fit?

    I am looking to install some longfield/rcv birfs in my 40 series but I have a problem that I have a BJ70 series front housing with a cable locker. I can get a Longfield super set and a longfield inner axle with a long spline. I can get a RCV ultimate set but don't know if there is any long...
  2. Godfather90

    SOLD  Fj60 Front Axle Parts- Longfield axles Marlin crawler Hi-Steer arms SoCal

    Hello Everyone, I changed my front axle late last year and have some leftover parts from the old one for sale: Here's a set of marlin crawler high steer arms. I will press the new pins in for the next owner. Also have the knuckles if someone wants them. Also for sale are these Longfield...
  3. N

    For Sale  SoCal: Small Pattern Knuckles, Hubs, Birfs, & Drums

    Just finished a large pattern knuckle and disk brake conversion on my '75 FJ40. I don't have any use for the old drum brake take offs, so I figured I would post them up here in case anyone needs them. My main goal is to get rid of them and maybe get a little date money in the process for the...
  4. Mojo97

    Solid axle advice

    Hey Y’all, I’m new to this forum as well as solid axles. I’ve never worked on a solid axle, but I’m also tired of dealing with IFS issues. I am currently looking at a 01 Tacoma that has been SAS already. It’s a Trail Gear housing, with birfield axles. He also has 5.29 Yukon gears in it, while...
  5. FranzFJ80

    Axle/Birf/Flange Question for 1992 FJ80

    Hey all, I'm in the thick of a front axle job and wondered if you could help. I have a 1992 FJ80. I was working on the passenger side with my buddy yesterday, and he got a little rough trying to seat the new birf in the old axle shaft. Now the end of the axle shaft is gouged and won't even go...
  6. landcruisertx

    Would someone be able to verify that this is a inner axle seal that has given out?!

    My driverside birfield seems to be leaking a mix of grease and diff oil. It would be awesome if someone could verify my theory? What is the best rebuild kit to buy?
  7. sunrk

    Spacers for body of Aisin part-time hub when using later (longer) CV's aka Birfields

    Dunno if anyone's done this, but when you fit later CV's (the longer ones) [what you guys call 'Birfields'] on a part-time 4wd 80 with Aisin hubs the shafts of the CV's take up all the space inside the back of the hub (once new snap-ring grooves have been cut to correct the CV position) and I've...
  8. RedComet

    1992 FJ80 Birfield and Axle Questions

    Hi guys, long story short, I had a major failure of my brake hardlines this past weekend driving to a camping trip. Lots of smoke from the caliper area. After we towed the truck home we started tearing apart the knuckles to change the seals and overhaul everything, (I had noticed my seals were...
  9. ChiroFJ

    Longfield front axle shaft / birfield won't come out

    I have the driver front on a '78 FJ40 front axle tore down to the inner knuckle. I am unable to get the Longfield axle out. I've lined up the flat spots and everything but the trunion races have been removed, but it won't come out. It looks and feels as it's getting stuck in the inner knuckle...
  10. B

    Knuckle rebuild + upgrade questions

    Planning a knuckle rebuild on my 60 and am considering upgrading the birfield joints and possibly axles during the rebuild since I’ll already be in there. Unfortunately I’ll have to make this decision in advance as I’ll have to complete the rebuild in a maximum of four days. I’ve been toying...
  11. E

    Drive an FJ60 without front axle?

    Hey all, I'm in the process of rebuilding the knuckles on my '85 FJ60. I've got everything apart right now, but while separating the birfield joint from the axle, the snap ring that keeps them together, well...snapped. I apparently didn't do enough research to know this was common so I...
  12. DailyTLC

    Wanted  FZJ80 Birfields, etc PORTLAND, OR

    Newbie FZJ80 owner gearing up for a Birfield job. If you've got any bearing race drivers, seal pullers, extra OEM birfields, or other extras you don't need any more, let me know. I recognize this stuff is standard maintenance equipment that committed FJ owners keep on hand....just throwing out...
  13. G

    91 FJ-80 Birf wear - how much is too much?

    Hi guys, In the middle of my Birf//hub/diff rebuild & wondering how much is too much wear. Images show typical wear on star. Ball & housing look good... What do you think? Money is tight so I was thinking to swap sides but don't want to be stupid since I came this far... Also, axle seals were...
  14. Napoleon047

    For Sale  Coarse spline hubs and birfields

    Coarse spline birfields Coarse spline Warn hub Coarse spline Selecrtro hub Hubs unlock and lock by hand but have not been gone through. $50 shipped CONUS
  15. L

    For Sale  USA, CO FJ62 birfield

    Replaced the birfields on my 1988 fj62 when I did my front axle rebuild. I am keeping one as a trail spare and am selling the second. $50 plus shipping.
  16. 94lc80series

    Front Axle Rebuild

    Noticed some sludge coming from the wheel nuts a few days ago. Thinking I have a bad inner axle seal. Here's the writeup from a local shop: "Your front diff fluid is contaminated with knuckle grease due to the bad inner axle seals and has turned into a nasty mud. It is going to require...
  17. T

    Tampa: need mechanic for FZ birfield repack

    Can someone in the Tampa bay area (Clearwater, Palm Harbor) recommend a mechanic who is familiar with the FZ? I need my birfields repacked again, and the last 2 guys who did it were sh!t leaking within a year. One was a 4X4 Jeep shop and the other was the dealer, so I'm looking for someone...
  18. H

    For Sale  80 Series passenger knuckle housing, birf, spindle [Bay Area]

    parts are used but in good condition. (1) passenger side knuckle housing w/ ABS sensor hole - $90 (1) birfield/CV - $80 (1) spindle - $40 or $190 if you take everything Prefer local sale
  19. fuzzywuzzy

    Birfield Rebuild?

    I'm going to be starting my axle rebuild tonight and ran into another FJ80 owner who said something about rebuilding the actual birf's. I'm planning on removing the axle from the birf and cleaning the old grease out (haven't determined if I'll need to tear apart the birf for cleaning). The...
  20. H

    For Sale  80 Series CV/Birfield

    Have 1 CV off a 1991 80 series (not a pair). Seems to be in good working order. I'm not sure how many miles are on it. I just needed the axle shaft this was attached to since I ordered new CV's. Message me if interested.
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