1. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  80-series shifter and shifter console (LHD)

    Have a used 80-series shifter and shifter cover from a 1997 FZJ80 (LHD). The shifter knob seems to be in decent shape. Comes as you see in the photos: Asking $100 (or best offer) for both plus shipping from Cincinnati. -Alberto
  2. F

    1973 FJ40 Frame Off with 1uz vvti and a650 Swap

    First I want to say to everyone Please be safe, I am 63 years old and am told by my wife constantly that I am 3rd child she never wanted. But also know my limitations and this Corona is no picnic in the Park. It is deadly and devastating. Please only come in contact with others when it is...
  3. G

    FREE  DELETE- NLA 3FE bottom end with A440F

    Located in Redding, CA. If you want it shipped, you pay shipping. 3FE bottom end & A440F trans Bores look good with crosshatching. I don't know mileage, but it came out of @TRAIL TAILOR 's FJ62 donor rig. Probably should have done a compression or leak-down test before pulling it apart, but...
  4. BMThiker

    Transmission, A750 issues

    So a couple weeks ago I started noticing that my transmission couldn't decide on the right gear to stay in... typically when feathering the throttle in the 1500-2000 RPM range. I figured overdrive was having an issue so I started just putting the transmission in 4th gear when surface street...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser 1991-1992 A440 Transmission / TCase

    SoCal From a gas powered 1991. I drove it and it shifted well, no slippage, no lurching, no creeping at idle and no leaks. Torque converter included. $500 firm for the Trans and Torque converter and I will deliver it to your shipper; you set up and pay for the shipping. Transfer Case quiet...
  6. anothernord

    SOLD  A442 Automatic Transmission w/ t-case - 170k SOLD

    Selling an automatic transmission A442F from a 1993 Land Cruiser with 170k. I never saw the truck drive because I just parted it out, but when I drained the fluid, it came out clean, red, and smelling good. The transmission has some surface rust but is pretty clean otherwise. The t-case seems...
  7. Nothinghead

    For Sale  UT - 72 FJ40 350 automatic

    my father is selling his cruiser against his better judgment and despite my protests. Please see the craigslist post and contact him directly:
  8. Murphy

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 with Chevy V8 and Automatic Transmission

    $18,200 Chevy 350 V8 conversion. This one runs strong! My retired mechanic neighbor pulled the cam cover off when we were installing the carburetor and he lit up over how clean the oil was - clear amber. Good compression. No drips. Chevy 400 Turbo automatic transmission. 4spd. Shifts smooth...
  9. N

    100 Series clunk and vibration thread

    Hi Guys, I would greatly appreciate some advice on two topics. My 100 series cruiser randomly clunks when moving the gear sellector from Park to drive and also moving from drive to reverse when stationary of course. On the start of one trip this could happen and on the next slightly or even...
  10. Jody Meade

    For Sale  Have one to sell? Sell now 2002 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Automatic Transmission, 4.7L, 2UZFE Engine, 8 C

    For sale is my 2002 Lexus LX470 Transmission. It has 120,000 original miles on it. The Transmission is in perfect working condition. I removed the Transmission thinking that it was in need of work but it turned out to be the front differential that was broke. The transmission is perfect. The...
  11. nukegoat

    Automatic transmission cooler barb corroded

    Anyone else had this happen? The lower barb on my at cooler is almost corroded through. The top one looks completely fine. Is there a drop in new replacement that anyone has used instead of the oem? @beno whats a new one of these cost?
  12. natas801

    2LTE automatic ECU pin out

    Does someone have the wire color and pin out to an 2LTE ECU. i'm trying to wire in the 2LTE from my stock motor which was an 2L other info is the truck is an 84 toyota longbed that came stock with the 2.4 Diesel. any help is much appreciated
  13. G

    HVAC Automatic Climate Control is Either Hot or Cold

    The automatic climate control system in my 97 40th Anniversary LC can be set to full heat or full cold only ...nothing in between (like warm) ...when in automatic or manual setting. So my only adjustments are Hot, Cold and fan speed. Any explanations or suggestions ? Thanks !
  14. C

    For Sale  1997 Land Cruiser, Lexus LX transmission automatic ASSY, transfer case

    Automatic transmission and transfer case for sale. Came out from 1997 Lexus LX 450 with 150k miles. Don't leak oil, shift smoothly.
  15. W

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4runner, EFI, Straight Axel, Automatic - RARE

    1985 Toyota 4runner 22re EFI STRAIGHT AXLE AUTOMATIC Low miles ARIZONA truck Yes, this is the unicorn of 4runners AC WORKS, NO LEAKS I have driven my 4runner to Texas a few times. I have a Landcruiser now. I don't need 2 SUV's. Someone who understands why this 4runner is unicorn will bid on it...
  16. C

    Very hard shift between Reverse and Drive (Automatic)

    I have a 4.7 V8 Series 100 LC. When you move the shift between Reverse and Drive the whole car is moved as the gears lock in and visa versa. It is a really hard knock and the torque is considerable. I have checked the transmission box and valve body and I am in the middle of trying to...
  17. D

    For Sale  HJ 61 -1989

    1989 Japanese Diesel Land Cruiser HJ61. •RHD (right hand drive) •Rare •Runs solid •Recently rebuilt automatic transmission •New Exhaust System •New head unit with working telescoping antenna •Nardi wood steering wheel •New OME (Old Man Emu) Lift •New BFG BFGoodrich A/T KO's •New rear tailgate...
  18. C

    For Sale  1997 Land Cruiser, Lexus LX Transmission automatic assy, transfer case

    Automatic transmission and transfer case for sale. Came out 1997 Lexus LX 450 with 150K miles. Don't leak oil, shift smoothly.
  19. Tank5

    Wanted  100 Series A750F Automatic Transmission

    I a looking for a a750f 5 speed out of a 100 series preferably with 160k miles or less. I would like to get it with the harness, shifters, linkage, and interior center console if possible. Please let me know what you have.
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