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  1. S

    Hardware Kit for ARB Deluxe Bumper Install on an LX470

    Ok does anyone have an ARB Deluxe bumper still in a box waiting to be installed? I really would appreciate a photo of the hardware provided by ARB. in particular some long round spacers as well as some spacers/shims. I know it's a long shot. I bought a used one and I was able to purchase all...
  2. Y

    Wanted  Looking for ARB bumper for FJ60

    I want to start with an ARB bumper and cut off the bull bar, reweld, and repaint. so a used one would be great. anyone out there have one they want to unload?
  3. Dezein

    Wanted  Looking for ARB front bumper for FJ80 - Kansas City

    Anyone selling a front bumper for FJ80 / LX450 around the area? I don't mind driving for one.
  4. dffj

    For Sale  Salt Lake City, UT: 1983 FJ60

    Low mileage FJ 60 for sale. Frame and engine are in excellent condition. Birfs rebuilt 7k ago. ARB winch bumper, OME 3" heavy duty lift, BFGoodrich AT KO 33" tires, Mickey Thompson wheels, solid axles. Roof rack, rear bumper swing arm with spare tire carrier and ladder. Some rust in the usual...
  5. P

    I'm about to install an ARB front bumper on my GX470... Any advice re: trimming the fenders?

    I searched for advice on how to install an ARB front bumper on my '05 GX470. I'm fully aware you need to trim the fender flares (fenders too perhaps?) and wanted to see if anyone here had advice before I start fitting it to the truck. Advice on trimming - What tools to use, how much, how to...
  6. Z

    Wanted  Arb bumper front fj80

    Looking for a front arb bumper for my 94 fj80 in or close to leesburg va. Any bumpers for sale close by?
  7. offroadvegan

    Installing cube lights in ARB front bumper

    I picked up a cheapo set of LEDs on Amazon for whatever reason, and they were sitting around. Last night I thought it would be a good idea to cut up my ARB bumper and install them on the wings. It actually turned out really awesome, and I tested it last night. Having the aux light on the...
  8. S

    Wanted  ARB Front & Rear Bumper - 100 Series LC - 72718 (AR)

    Hey guys I wanted to throw this out there before I purchased these bumpers new. I am looking for ARB front and rear (Black) bumpers for my 100 series (2003 LC). I’m located in AR 72718 but I am willing to pay to have them shipped if need be. Thanks in advance and feel free to shoot me a PM if...
  9. tampacruiser95

    SOLD  200 Series ARB Rear Bumper Ohio

    I am selling my ARB rear bumper. It's brand new in the packaging from Slee. I decided I don't want the extra weight and I like the look of my truck as is. I will sell it for $800 with the ARB mudflaps included. It's about a $150 discount. Prefer pick up only in 45505. Here is the link to the...
  10. dahlmaker

    For Sale  FJ60/FJ62 4Plus Front Bumper

    ***SOLD*** I'm selling my 4Plus front bumper that has been on my FJ62 for two years. Between a new house and new kid, I've hardly had any time to go wheelin'. Instead of selling my truck outright, I figured I'd pull back on some of the mods I made. I purchased the bumper new and bare. I rattle...
  11. Y

    For Sale  ARB 80 series non winch bullbar $500.00 Lakeside, AZ

    Bought my truck with this bumper installed. Recently replaced it with the winch variant. No crashes, no problems, no bulls hit. A buyer of the OCD persuasion will want to paint it. $500.00 cash. Will consider trades for a clean set of 5 Toyota OEM or TRD 16" rims, a rooftop tent, a 52-54 cm...
  12. NC LX

    SOLD  ARB 3163015 Fog & Indicator Light Lamp Surround Kit Assembly

    These are 3 months old and removed from my ARB Sahara Bumper. Includes the Surrounds, Signal Indicators and wiring harness to add them to your vehicles wiring. ARB Part number 3163015 $100 shipped to the lower 48
  13. justdifferentials

    For Sale  Aussie Bull Bar / Bumper / Side rails 70 Series 84-07

    For sale, older Bullbar / Bumper (accomodates winch) off of our HJ75 Troopy Trakka project. Its in great shape and has a nice grey textured finish. The bumper fits any 70 series (BJ, HJ, HZJ, FJ, FZJ, PZJ 70,71,73,74,75,76,77,78.79 Series) The side rails fit any of the Troopy models, but maybe...
  14. Riversurfer

    craigslist  HJ60 RHD 5spd -Killer deal?

    Found this HJ60 on CL. Seems like a really decent price for all that's included. 2H 4.0L Diesel Engine, AXT Turbo Kit, Turbo Intercooler, Oil Cooler, 5‐Speed Manual Transmission, 2‐Speed 4WD Transfer Case, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Power Locks, Push‐Button 4WD, Air...

    Wanted  Arb Bumper for FJ60

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an ARB Bumper FJ60 I will love to get the old model, but open to other options Thanks
  16. PDPerry

    ARB Bumper, air dam?

    Getting ready for the annual summer trip from Sacramento, CA to Winter Park, CO and back. Always think of this while tooling-along and watching the scanguage read-out the rapid drop in MPG whenever the speed gets above 70mph... Has anyone configured an air dam for their ARB front bumper? I...
  17. GeologistFelix

    Source for ARB bumper mounting brackets?

    So, I got a great deal on an ARB bumper yesterday, but it's missing the hardware and the brackets that mount to the ends of the frame rails. I found the part numbers for the brackets, hardware, etc., but haven't been able to find them for sale anywhere except a 'Mud thread from 2013. I emailed...
  18. Muddy Bean

    Just scored an ARB bumper $400

    Just made a Houston Craigslist score for a brand new ARB front bumper for my truck for $400. Now comes the hard part. I'm having a guy fab/weld it to my frame ends. It didn't come with a hardware kit. Any reason I shouldn't weld it? Is there a reason to bolt it on that would be better than...
  19. B

    Smittybilt XRC9500 + ARB Bumper

    Does anyone have this setup? I ordered the winch and the only way I see to install the control box is over the winch motor. I went to install it and the box is pretty much up against the front of the truck and I cannot plug the control switch plug into it because it is up against the truck. smh
  20. S

    Wanted  ARB bumper for 80 Series 1997 LC

    Looking for an ARB bumper for an 80 Series 1997 LC. I am located in VA 24370 but can pay for shipping as well. Please email or text me. or 276-492-6587 for a faster response.
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