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  1. KOTN

    Aftermarket Air Box

    Hi All, My first post as I've just joined this forum after purchasing my first ever Toyota (what have I been waiting for all these years ;-) Anyways I'm hoping anyone can point in the direction of which aftermarket airbox for 2017 LC200? I'm based in Western Australia so hopefully a local...
  2. J

    FZJ80 Clogged air filter sensor and Indication

    Ok Ih8mud guys, this is my first thread ever on this forum and actually on any forum, so please be nice if I have screwed something up. I have been reading a lot on this forum and thought its time to do my part, so here it goes. I own a 1996 Fzj80 triple locked, I love this car (ex range rover...
  3. SilverSixty

    Wanted  Air box FJ62 bottom and FZJ80 lid

    Hello , I am looking for the lid of an fzj80 air box and bottom of an air box from an fj62. I am located in CT. Shoot me a PM if you can help out ! Thanks
  4. SilverSixty

    Are all the diesel air boxes the same (3b, 2h, 12ht, 1hz, 1hdt)? Dimensions?

    Hello, I am doing a diesel conversion on my FJ60 to a Isuzu 4bd1t with Holset He221w turbo. I am looking for an air intake to use on my setup. I was wondering if all the diesel air intake boxes are the same dimensions ect or if i need to watch for a certain one. Can the lids be pointed in...
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