1. damdifino

    How can I add driving lights to a stock 200?

    I'm looking for advice on the above. Can either be a bumper mount or roof system. Also, what lights would you recommend? I prefer round ones.
  2. NCFJ

    Add the Barn to the selection survey

    All members should have already received the survey for where to use the money that was returned to the club, $1,000.00. At the Meet & Greet annual meeting I suggested that we put some or all of that money toward the Barn that Kenny and Lydia so generously allow us to call home. Johnny shot...
  3. danthman114

    Blue seas add a battery kit.

    I searched around and didn't really find the answer I was looking for, so here I am asking those of you who have experience in this system. First, the optional led. Is it something you can pick up somewhere or is it built in? Second, give me some ideas where to install this kit and the...
  4. Beej

    Is there a way to add protection up front without totally replacing the bumper?

    Hey folks, I'd really like to protect my truck from low speed crashes and such. I'm smart enough to know that a grille guard wont do a damn thing but make it worse. Are there options in between full ARB bull bar at 900$ and the stock bumper? I'm getting together with a welder in the spring...
  5. SimplyTanner

    R&P swap from ADD to non ADD

    Does anyone know if the ring and pinion from a non ADD diff is the same for and ADD diff? It seems the only difference is the needle bearings in the ADD. Which I believe is actually part of the carrier and the housings are identical. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. SimplyTanner

    ADD vs Non-ADD, needle bearings needed?

    Is it possible to remove the oil seal on a Non-ADD Differential and bolt up an ADD axle tube? By removing the seal, the tube and ADD system gets oiled. The only difference I see is that with the ADD system you get needle bearings, and the Non-ADD diff only has the machined in "bushing" with oil...
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