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  1. B

    Help - Hj61 24v stereo/radio wiring diagram

    Hi guys. I am after a wiring diagram for a factory 24v stereo like the one in the photos below if anyone can help please? Have attached some other pics with what I am working with. Cheers Ben.
  2. I

    FSM Toyota Land Cruiser Maintenance Procedures - 1986 Models - Publication Number MM001U (pdf) Publication Number MM001U (pdf)

    Toyota Land Cruiser Maintenance Procedures - 1986 Models - 2F, 3B, 2H, 12H-T, FJ60, BJ60, HJ60
  3. 83Landy


    Howdy Mud, I'm back in the cruiser world! Around 2008 I bought a 69FJ40 out of a barn for 6k in Placerville. I got it running with a lot of advice from here (could not locate my old account to resurrect) some parts from @orangefj45, @Pighead in Sacramento, & username Luddite something? Put...
  4. Baikalcruiser

    Wanted  [worldwide] 60 series A440F Planetary flange gears

    I'm rebuilding my A440F on HJ61 and struggle to find a couple replacement gears. Searched everywhere, been waiting for months now, only to get my orders cancelled again and again in different online shops. Getting desperate here, you know, when your workspace is piled with car parts which you...

    SOLD  Texas, 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61VX with all the options- Japanese Spec RHD

    Its up on eBay. No reserve bid or Buy it Now. This time next week there will be a new owner. Will it be you? 12HT Turbo Diesel, Factory PTO Winch, Factory Cable Lockers, Moon Roof, Original Upholstery, New Tires, Paint 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61VX | eBay -...
  6. 88red

    SOLD  OME Leaf springs heavy fronts, medium rears. Maryland

    OME leaf springs for 60 series. CS004f, CS004R a/b. $500. Can ship but local pickup preferred.
  7. RustbucketBick

    Non-rythmic knocking

    So i’ve had my junkyard find cruiser for almost 8 months now, and in the past couple months, ive noticed this non-rythmic knocking coming from (seemingly) the right side of the engine. Its slowly gotten more consisten, which concerns me. The video ive attached does a pretty solid job summing it...
  8. rustbunni

    Wanted  ISO: HJ60 sunroof.

    Hey guys, I had posted on some Facebook groups but I feel like the reach here might be broader. My sunroof glass is broken and it looks like one of the mechanisms might also be broken. Was hoping maybe someone had a parts truck or maybe ones where one might be sitting up for grabs.
  9. T

    Funky Chicken is back with a vengeance

    Alright. I had this issue once before on my 86 BJ60 - 3B, And i solved it by cleaning the ground between my frame and bell housing. However, now my EDIC keeps cycling to stop for a split second and then back to run. At idle with no accessories on, it seems to happen rarely. It persists more when...
  10. Beehanger

    SOLD  FJ60/FJ62 Daily Driver!

    Hi all, Looking for a FJ60/62 in good condition (preferably later 80's) for my daily with no/very minimal rust and as close to stock as possible. Budget of $15k for the right one. You may remember me from my past post a few months seeking advice from mudders on whether I should get into...
  11. jaredLC86

    Stereo and dash setup help

    Saw this posted on BaT and I want to something similar to my 60. I want to know how he fit a double din stereo in the spot where the ash trey normally is. And I want to know what he has in the original stereo spot. In the add he says “digital tilt, compass, and elevation gauge replaces the stock...

    Beginning of the 60 build

    Rusty AF Starting the roof, she was bogged and painted over and sold to me, NO love, so im gonna have to show her some love. About a year passed and rust started oozing through above the drivers side door, then in another spot and another so after some time decided to peel back the roof and...
  13. UntoneLoc

    SOLD  ‘86 FJ60 for your 100/LX

    I bought this FJ60 a month ago from the LandCruiser Marketplace FB page and had it transported from Texas to Mississippi. Life has happened (3rd baby on the way) and circumstances warrant me making some changes. My wife and I decided a 100/LX would suit our growing family’s needs much better...
  14. B

    Another A Pillar leak - HELP!

    Hi all. Recently bought a 1987 hj61 high roof 60 series Landcruiser with a bit of an A pillar leak on the passengers side... I've had a good read through some other threads but can't seem to find the remedy. I am getting the leak coming down the outside of the a pillar coming from what...
  15. 1

    SOLD  MA: 1988 FJ62

    Up for sale is our FJ62 “Elsie” purchased in 2014 in Colorado. She has been my daily driver and has been cared for as a member of our family ever since. Mobile 1 oil and filter every 3k. She isn’t perfect but a great candidate for daily driver or restoration. Some of the work that’s been done...
  16. Urb008

    SOLD  OEM 60 Series Wheels - So Cal

    4 - OEM FJ62 wheels with almost new Patagonia LT 235/75/R15 AT tires. Also have a 5th with old spare tire on it. $400 for all 5. Pick up only
  17. beachrider

    For Sale  NC - Pair of FJ 60, 62 front seats

  18. B

    Found a cruiser - looking for some feedback.

    Hi all, I think I may have found a bj60 that would be good for me. before I jump to having my family’s mechanic (who has owned 13 different cruisers) inspect it I thought I would check and see if anyone could give me a ballpark value on it. I wouldn’t anticipate selling (probably ever) but if...
  19. C

    HJ61 Suspension

    Hey All, Looking for suggestions in regards to best multi-purpose leaf springs for my 1989 HJ61. I'd like something a little more progressive but able to handle heavy load as well. Any advice/lessons learned would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  20. cruisergear

    Classic Cruiser Giveaway #2 - 1988 FJ62

    Hello fellow Cruiser Heads! We are extremely excited to start this build thread. Some of you may recall our first Classic Cruiser Giveaway FJ40 that we gave away to Joe Arellano in Houston, TX. Well we are back at it again and this time we are going to give away this beautiful 1988 FJ62! So...
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