60 series

  1. MrMacdugal

    For Sale  Massachusetts 60 series vapor separator & fuel door

    Some parts I need to liquidate. Reasonable offers will not be refused. Fuel door $20 + Shipping Tank VAPOR SEPARATOR $45 + shipping I ships with UPS Welcome to call or text me Mac 978-500-3911
  2. CruiserTrash

    60 Series body group buy interest? 1/16 WPL chassis

    I bumped into a guy who might be able to make a dream of mine become reality: a 60 Series body for a 1:16 scale WPL C-24 chassis. I love the WPL stuff because it’s cheap to get into and pretty capable both out of the box and when built up. I’ve started working with this guy, just asking some...
  3. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  OH - 60 series Full Floating Rear Axle

    I have a 60-series full floating rear axle for sale. It has a stock 4.10 open differential installed on it now (NOT the ARB in the pictures). Pickup or shipped from Columbus, OH or Cincinnati, OH. Asking $1800 plus shipping. Thanks, -Alberto
  4. jamesurq

    60 Series 3D Keychain

    For a long time we’ve offered the 4WD logo keychain for the 60 series. Now, happy to (finally) also offer the 3-D version of the truck itself! 60 Series FJ60 Land Cruiser Toyota Metal Key Chain - Reefmonkey -...
  5. matubrembrem

    For Sale  60 series parts

    Hi All, I’m selling my 60 series 2F take offs and spares. Heres what i got, all prices plus shipping. Alternator $75 New Mean green alternator $450 A/C Compressor $100 P/S pump SOLD Combo switch $50 Hvac bezel SPF 2F Carb $225 OME anti inversion shackles w/ grease pins $75 Tow hook SOLD Center...
  6. smllblock60

    60 series 4wd lever bushings

    Does anyone know where I can find the 4wd lever bushings for a 1984 fj60 with 4 speed split case?
  7. Luke77

    Window lift channels badly rusted - 60 series

    I need a replacements for my window lift channels in all doors of my HJ60 (1982) because they are badly rusted. I am not able to find any OEM or aftermarket spare parts. Anybody a solution? FRONT DOOR: BACK DOOR: PART NUMBERS:

    For Sale  Helena, Montana - You need Bezels? We got em!

    Happy to send additional pics. Just let me know what you need to see. Priced to sell! 1. SALE PENDING - 60 series switch bezel. Factory toyota, Grey. Not perfect but good condition. No cracks or splits. $70.00 plus shipping. 2. Toyota headlight bezels for 60 series. Not cracked or split...
  9. N Cascades DsnWrx

    60 Series Roof Rack

    Hello fellow Inland Empire Landcruiser Enthusiasts! I frequently come to the Spokane/CDA area for work and to visit family but am located in the north cascades in Washington. I thought I'd throw this out there since I could deliver these racks personally and that would save you some $'s on...
  10. Jaygdub

    Wanted  1987 Fj60, Prescott Az. Arizona 60 series quarter panel

    In need of a full quarter panel drivers side in good shape. Preferable in Az to prevent shipping. Or whatever I can get if I need to ship from somewhere else.
  11. Jaygdub

    Arizona 60 series quarter panel

    Any leads on a 60 series good condition drivers side full quarter panel and a tailgate in Arizona? Trying to avoid shipping but if necessary outside of Az will also work?
  12. Jaygdub

    60 series quarter panel options or repair.

    I recently got hit from the rear pretty hard. I'm looking for feedback on panel replacement and/or possibly other types of repairs to it. The tail light fixture is pretty mangled. Does anyone have panel replacement parts? I think I can get the lower quarter panel patch but not sure about the...
  13. CruiserLite

    Considering a 60 Series

    Hello fellow Cruisers, I’m looking for a more ‘utilitarian’ cruiser as a third vehicle and the FJ60 looks appealing - something I can take on short camping and hunting trips. The simplicity and looks of the 60 is attractive. It would not be a DD (have the GX460 for DD) and I would have to park...
  14. N Cascades DsnWrx

    North Cascades Designworks Intro- 60 series roof rack pre-production sale $350 off for last 4 racks!

    Hello fellow Mudders! Like most of you, I love to tinker on my Landcruisers. I picked up a low milage (128k) '88 62 in 2019 and wanted to put a roof rack and RTT on it for some adventurous trips I've been wanting to take. I'm a mechanical engineer by trade and have lots of experience in many...
  15. o8ko8k

    1UR-FE in a 60 series

    Has anyone attempted to put a 1UR-FE engine in an 84 ish 60 series land cruiser? Search for 1UR-FE came up with nothing. Its a lexus GX460 engine.
  16. bikersmurf

    Scout II Saginaw conversion, '81 mini truck TRE, SBC, 60 series damper

    I've decided to compile information from my steering swap into a thread rather than just pictures in my build thread. I'm not going to claim to have the best way, but this is what I've done. This swap is basically the same as a 60, 70, or 80 steering box swap. I'll start by saying the...
  17. Slow85

    For Sale  60 series center console

    I have a 60 series center console that was modified with a Molly panel and some 12v outlets. $100 plus shipping.
  18. FJ62087143

    good news for replacement part (Heater Clamp) #90460-24039 fj62 fj60 60 series

    hi, For fans of the 60 series and those who love original parts to return their old trucks to their original condition, I present to you a part compatible with part number 90460-24039, and the compatible part number is 87124-28030, note: ( attached pdf) ...... Good luck old baby.
  19. FJ62087143

    Toyota Land Cruiser 60 SERIES FJ60 FJ62 body mount

    This 5-page report was prepared on the body mounting of my car, a 1988 Land Cruiser FJ62, and I wanted to share it with the Toyota community at ih8mud. I hope they benefit from it. The report is in PDF file and contains the manufacturer numbers, part code, pictures of parts and replacement...
  20. Ovr Lander

    SOLD  60 Series Smog Parts

    $15 for the entire box
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