60 series

  1. gunnyguns

    For Sale Central TX - 1984 FJ60 $14,000

    1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 - Rebuilt Wanting $14,000. Sitting at 292,000 miles. Bought at roughly 284,000 miles, then rebuilt engine. Has been my daily driver since rebuilding for about 6 months, and has been on one off-roading trip. Was hoping to do a little more aesthetic work to this...
  2. Hugh Laedlein

    RHD Interior

    Does anyone know where I can find good rubber floor mats for my Japanese 60. I happen to be the youngest electronically challenged dude in the world.
  3. W

    2 year note leaving saga comes to a close - anything y'all see?

    Hi everyone! I'm early to posting this and excited to join your ranks- there is a lot I still don't know about this truck but it wont get out of my thoughts and I'd like to ask about it to you all. I've been leaving notes on this 87 for the past 2 years and finally have gotten a beer in front of...
  4. K

    For Sale Clemson: 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser/Swapped

    Runs and Drives well but could use bigger carb 350 sbc swapped 4 speed manual 2” lift Fresh wheels/tires Custom Extra Large 1/4” custom steel bumpers Winch with controller Pretty together interior Spare matching tire Pretty Rust Free, just has the surface burs on frame Clean Title Selling to...
  5. stirrup

    Howdy! +Questions

    Howdy y’all. Been reading the forums for a couple years now. I own a rusty ol’ 89 fj62. Have had a lot of work done to it from K&H back in California. I’ve since moved to Texas and despite all the rust, the wagon gets some serious attention out here in the best way! All that to say, I am fairly...
  6. RustbucketBick

    Front Door Speaker Grille CAD file

    Spring Break got boring, so I decided i'd start a little micro-project. Anyway, my old speaker grilles have been driving me crazy - and I can't find an OEM replacement anywhere - so why not just make them myself? It should be noted that I modeled these on campus based off an incomplete set of...
  7. J

    Down in Mexico

    Hi mudders. First time posting so bare with. I live in Mexico City and have seen a 1987 60 series for sale that I`m interested in, but wanted to share some info here with the pros for opinions, warning signs and help sourcing parts (if I need) down here in Mexico. The seller has a pretty neat...
  8. tschuszl

    SOLD Portland, OR: 1989 FJ62

    Unfortunately the time has come to sell my baby (nicknamed Ruby). It's been a hell of a great camping rig, and has gotten me everywhere I've ever wanted to go and never left me stranded. Wish I could keep her, but selling because I need a larger truck for towing a camper. See details below...
  9. M

    SOLD Salt Lake City, UT: 1988 FJ62

    Hey everyone, I am looking to sell my 1988 FJ62. I have owned the vehicle since 2020 and it has been in my garage when its not being driven. I have not had the time that I thought I would (dreamer) to do all of the restoration I wanted to and would like it to go to someone that will do all the...
  10. tschuszl

    For Sale: 1989 FJ62

    Hey local cruiser heads, I figured I would post this here in the local community first. Unfortunately the time has come to sell my baby (nicknamed Ruby). It's been a hell of a great camping rig, and has gotten me everywhere I've ever wanted to go and never left me stranded. Wish I could keep...
  11. 503Lumberjack

    Gearing back to factory 3.73 need help

    1982 60 series I’m re gearing back to factory 3.73’s from the 4.88’s which used a crush sleeve. The 3.73 doesn’t accept a crush sleeve, I’m missing the (spacer/washer)The solid factory pinion shaft (spacer/washer) and shims got misplaced during our move. Does anyone have part numbers or a...
  12. M

    Hj60 engine knock

    So I bought a 2H 1987 hj60, just under 740,000kms. I knew it had a knock and plan to replace engine. I suspect bottom end bearing. Bought the bearing kit to replace the old ones. but I'm not sure if the engine needs to be taken out in order to do so, or if it can be left in? My plan was to drop...
  13. N

    Wanted DFW TX: FJ60 Safari Gard Front Bumper

    Located in DFW, Texas, in search of an FJ60 Safari Gard Front bumper. Prefer as local as possible, but willing to drive 4 or 5 hours, or willing to pay for greyhound shipping for the right price.
  14. NateFX

    Land Cruiser Ornaments

    LAND CRUISER AND TOYOTA ORNAMENTS Variety of grill designs for various Toyota models perfect for the Christmas tree! Check them all out here: Ornaments | Lower 48 Outfitters - https://lower48outfitters.com/products/accessories/ornaments/
  15. LevinBR

    For Sale OME Rear Leaf Spring - 60 series & 70 series

    I have one Old Man Emu CS017RA (+) rear leaf spring available for sale. It was purchased brand new in April 2021 from Cruiser Outfitters - only used for ~100 miles and then swapped for the shorter "B" version to fix a lean issue with my truck. $140 , pickup only in Erie, CO Fitment:
  16. A

    SOLD 1987 Toyota HJ61 Landcruiser w/ Camping buildout, 5 spd manual, cable lockers, etc...

    Hey! Longtime reader, first time caller. I'll take more pics of the interior camping set up built by Topo Rigs in Durango, Colorado a little less than two years ago. It is with great remorse that I'm listing my 1987 Toyota Landcruiser HJ61 JDM. I've owned this for a few years now and have built...
  17. Vitaliy Yakub


    I am owner of JDM 1992 HZJ77 Toyota Land Cruiser. I am in Seattle. Never been satisfied with whatever lug nuts available on the market: not tall enough; not 21 hex, rusts; etc,... So, I have designed my own custom lug nut based on OEM part dimensions and placed my order with one small...
  18. Fred12HT

    12HT Garage Rebuild, yay or nay?!

    Hi all, I'm looking to do a partial rebuild (pistons only) of my 12ht 390k with suspected blow by. After researching the wear and tear of worn pistons and rings and potential damage caused, it seems Alfin insert pistons are the way to make the most impact to durability and may be possible for a...
  19. C

    For Sale 3D Printed 60/62 Series Cupholder Insert

    I am selling these double cupholder inserts that fit into 62 series center consoles. Some late 60 series cruisers like my dad's came with the 62 style center consoles and this fits those as well. They are printed out of high strength PETG filament that can withstand even the hottest summer days...
  20. J

    Handbreak issues

    Hello. I have a 1984 HJ47 Landcruiser I've been working on for a long time. I'm currently stuck on installing a handbrake cable. The catch is I can't use a stock handbrake cable because some of the car is from a 60 series Landcruiser. I am pretty sure the 4 speed transmission is from a 60...
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