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  1. B

    Found a cruiser - looking for some feedback.

    Hi all, I think I may have found a bj60 that would be good for me. before I jump to having my family’s mechanic (who has owned 13 different cruisers) inspect it I thought I would check and see if anyone could give me a ballpark value on it. I wouldn’t anticipate selling (probably ever) but if...
  2. C

    HJ61 Suspension

    Hey All, Looking for suggestions in regards to best multi-purpose leaf springs for my 1989 HJ61. I'd like something a little more progressive but able to handle heavy load as well. Any advice/lessons learned would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. cruisergear

    Classic Cruiser Giveaway #2 - 1988 FJ62

    Hello fellow Cruiser Heads! We are extremely excited to start this build thread. Some of you may recall our first Classic Cruiser Giveaway FJ40 that we gave away to Joe Arellano in Houston, TX. Well we are back at it again and this time we are going to give away this beautiful 1988 FJ62! So...
  4. Dailydrivingfj60

    Best 4 inch 60 series lift kit

    Looking for more then the 2.5 inch lift that I have on my FJ60. Would love to go to a 4 inch lift and would love some help finding the best one. I'm also having problems with the vacuum system and was wondering about getting rid of it, thoughts? Thanks!
  5. OJLandy

    Sniper setup not running right

    Have a few thousand miles on my Sniper 2300 setup and I haven't been particularly happy with how its running. Before I installed the kit the motor ran a lot smoother, had more power, often started better, didn't blow "black water" out of the tailpipe, even smelled better. Also loves to die if...
  6. ntdb

    Builds  Treebeard

    After months of researching and seeing/driving 60s in the PNW I finally pulled the trigger. Treebeard is a February 1984 FJ60 that I bought for $3,000 with 292,000 miles on the clock. Before I found the truck it sat under a tree in Olympia for three years. I'm a noob wrencher so this thread...
  7. CahabaCruisers

    SOLD  *NEW* Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series Grill 2of2

    $350- New old stock!! In perfect condition! Flat rate shipping included to the US and Canada. PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo accepted
  8. CahabaCruisers

    For Sale  *NEW* Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series Grill 1of2

    $350- New old stock!! In perfect condition! Flat rate shipping included to the US and Canada. PayPal (friends and family) or Venmo accepted.
  9. COphotog

    Oil Pressure Issues in my 1983 FJ60

    So after reading around on some of the other threads I thought I would post my own just to get some opinions as I am still new to the Landcruiser life. I have a 1983 60 series with somewhere around 220k or more (odometer/speedometer cable needs replaced) on the original 2f and have owned it for...
  10. 12htHj61

    12ht Coolant Temps

    G'day everyone what is a suitable coolant temp for the 12ht. I have fitted a redarc temp gauge into the top of the thermostat housing. On a 40° day doing between 100 and 110kmh the gauge sits on 95° to 100° when driving around town on any other day it sits on 90° with aircon on or off. Also run...
  11. S

    Noob Needing Guidance to Purchase First Cruiser

    I'm a freshman in college, looking to purchase a new vehicle. For a while I've known that if I'm going to spend the money on a vehicle, it's going to have to be a cruiser, otherwise I'll kick at myself forever. I am specifically interested in getting an FJ62 or HJ61. Now I know that owning one...
  12. 75rig

    H150F or H151F into 2h or 12ht

    Has anyone done this conversion? Does toyota have a bellhousing that will fit the 2h block from the h150 or h151f? The old h55f just isnt up to scratch, never has been. Looking for a better box for a custom 75 series build. Thanks
  13. H

    SOLD  Kalispell, MT: 1985 HJ60, JDM RHD 2H

    (Sale Pending) Priced to sell as my situation has changed. About to relocate and don’t have the time to begin a full rebuild or time to part it out; I could make far more than asking price even if I parted it but I hope someone wants a new project. I imported this truck from Japan 5 years ago...
  14. cruiserguyjr

    Cruiser_guys BJ60 revival and trip home

    Some of you may or may not remember my old man Cruiser_Guy, he passed away back in 2014, long story short I’ve inherited the old 3B 60 series that he poured so much time into. I’m trying to get it started but all that happens is a “click” when I turn the key to the ‘start’ position, And the dash...
  15. R

    For Sale  College Station Tx. 1983 FJ60

    Here for sale is my 1983 fj60. It has pretty bad roof rust and it has a vacuum leak. I drove it to Dallas and back for a few camping trips this year. It runs cool, but due to the vacuum leak, it will surge shifting at a low rpm. I need to tune the carb, but can’t do that till the vacuum leak is...
  16. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: LC 40/60/70 Series Parts - PAYPAL with Global Tracked Shipping! PRICE DROP!

    Hello! I'm selling JDM Spares for the 40, 60 & 70 Series Land Cruiser. These have been recently restored and serviced. 1) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT Condition! 86120-60040 #1 2) Land Cruiser 40 Series - 24V Radio: recently restored - $325 in MINT...
  17. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  FJ60 Rear Lower Quarter Patch Panels (Pair)

    I have a set of patch panels for a 60 series that are great for some rust repair. These are for the rear lower. They have just been sitting and in great shape. I can't find them for less than $350 plus a side. $500 shipped on these. Feel free to ask any questions.
  18. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  SOLD- FJ60 Fender Flares Complete Set

    I have a complete set of fender flares for an FJ60 for sale. These were in the back of a 60 I bought. I can't seem to find much information about fender flares for a 60, but these appear to be rubber and use body tape, not screws to attach. Some have the original tape on the back to use, one...
  19. Gatman

    Newbie needing help! Wiper motor wiring conversion

    Hi everyone, So I bought my first Cruiser, she's a 1983 60-Series and for the first week, the windshield wipers worked fine. Long story short the white nylon gear broke internally in my factory wiper motor rendering it useless and fortunately I was able to locate and purchase a used replacement...
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