1. Dustin Messina

    Wanted  FJ55 Patina Blue Fenders PIG Fenders!!

    So I have an extremely solid 78 pig project that I a working on! I have nothing, but time so wanted to throw this out here just to see. My fenders are actually pretty darn good (passenger completely solid, drivers solid, but bondo), but they are not the awesome patina blue. If someone had a...
  2. residualboulders

    Wyoming 55

    I bought this 55 one from the original owners who apparently drove it daily for several years, then kept it at their cabin for vacation use. They owned it for 38 years so I guess maybe they got tired of the original blue and white. It's in very good shape and pretty complete - I think. It's...
  3. Swampfox58

    FJ55 VIN Decoding

    I'm trying to figure out the date my FJ55 was built. Obviously it's a '77 but what month. FJ55077471 All the internet decoders say I don't have enough numbers but it's all I have on the title.
  4. C

    For Sale  Craigslist - 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 55 - Not Mine

    Not Mine. Came up via Craigslist search for "FJ" I'm not too familiar with 55 pricing but this seems like a deal... maybe too good to be true. I don't think this is in Charleston either, but I haven't reached out since I'm not seriously in the market for a 55. Asking $16,500. 1972 Toyota...
  5. 65FJ45

    For Sale  55 Glass - shroud - radiator - more

    74 tailgate glass 74 rear cargo glass 74 radiator 74 shroud 74 headlight bezels (if i can find them) 74 blower motor (possibly) 74 Wiring Harness (if i can find it) various spedometers various instrument clusters for any F motor aftermarket a/c compressor mount - well made ASIAN FAST FOOD...
  6. LandCruiserPhil

    For Sale  FACTOR 55 PRO-LINK $105.oo shipped

    SOLD!!!!! FACTOR 55 PRO-LINK Has been installed but never used very clean but does have one small blemish (see pic) $105.oo shipped in the us48 over 40% Off New Rare find Used Advertised on other sites so act FAST! ProLink – Factor 55
  7. Dozer18

    Ever had your wheel come off at 55 MPH? I did...

    ...about three hours ago. We were driving down the Fairfax (VA) County Parkway at about 55 mph when I started to feel a little wobble from the back - though it had been fine a couple hours earlier. Then something hard bounced off the driver's window or door, like a rock hitting the windshield...
  8. OgDor

    For Sale  1977 FJ 55 for sale

    SOLD 1977 FJ55, 95% stock, rebuilt: motor, carb, front end, alternator, water pump etc. etc. New battery. Factory front discs. Long list of work done on request, more pics. Over one jillion dollars invested. CA vehicle w/sticker, was registered in CA for years, all smog stuff in place, now reg...
  9. scrapdaddy

    55 on Bring a Trailer

    Check it out....No Reserve: 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 One of our own is starting a collection. :) Good luck with it!
  10. offkilter

    For Sale  Small 55 parts lot for sale - Vancouver, B.C.

    I have some remnants lingering from my 55 days that I would like to see disappear. Only items left: wiper motor is in beautiful condition - thinking it is from a 78 - $40 rear seat hinge is rusted in a fixed position ...needs penetrating oil/torch. - $10 dash land cruiser emblem is missing...
  11. 65swb45

    FREE  Wall Art 55 grille

    First one to make a qualifying order and ask for it gets it for additional cost of shipping with the order. No PMs.
  12. P

    Hinges for the 55

    Just got my set of hinges back from Midgainc and they look great, i am very happy with his work
  13. edencrawford

    Need help with my fj55

    Hey guys i have three issues #1 does anyone know how to hooking up a 5speed to the reverse lights #2 I can't figure out how to hook up the long range fuel talk to the fuel gauge either #3 has anyone got a solution for adding a handbreak for a 60 series rear end but still use the under the...
  14. davegonz

    My 77 FJ40 Build

    I recently sold my OM617 powered FJ55 and picked up a 1977 FJ40 from a friend of a friend. My wife was so elated that I sold the pig that she let me buy a 40! Anyway, the 40 is a two owner Texas vehicle with hardly any rust on the tub. The PO had started taking it apart for a full on frame-off...
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