2f engine

  1. fjatheart

    For Sale Rockwall, TX (DFW) FJ40-Catalytic Converter

    I’ve got a new Miller catalytic converter with 2.5 inch inlet and outlet. There are flanges welded on that would allow bolt on installation or those can be removed for welding in place. I bought it for a 1980 FJ40 2F, but I’ve never used it. We’re moving and I’m cleaning out the garage. $150...
  2. Ms Kitty

    Wanted refurbished/rebuilt 2F Engine for '76 FJ40

    Threw a rod on my FJ40. Purchased it in 2014 with a F155 in place. Would prefer to go back to original. Located in Chicago IL
  3. erolsten

    Wanted Looking for a running 2F Engine for FJ60...

    Hi guys, Currently on the hunt for a running 2F engine for my FJ60. If anyone has any leads or connections to one for sale it would be much appreciated. Located in Texas but open to having it shipped. Thanks!
  4. Hojack

    For Sale 85 2F running motor and 4 speed transmission

    85 FJ60 2F running motor and 4 speed transmission. The engine and tranny are still in my Landcruiser and drivable. Would like to sell together or spectate. $1000 for the motor and $500 for the transmission. The odometer has 243K miles. I frequently go skiing at Timberline on Mt. Hood and it's...
  5. Hojack

    For Sale 85 FJ60 running 2F motor and 4 speed transmission still in my Landcruiser.

    I've have a 1985 FJ60 that I'm converting to diesel. I'm in the process of removing the 4bt from a step van so the project is underway. I have the 2F motor and 4 speed transmission still in my cruiser which I'm driving daily to work. The odometer has 243K miles. The motor is clean and runs...
  6. Big Cruiser Guy

    Can I make a replacement hose? DIT

    The air cleaner intake hose (Toyota part 17751) on my 1986 FJ60 is shot. Haven't been able to track one down so far. Has anybody made their own replacement hose? It looks super simple, just wanted to see if anybody has any advice. Thanks
  7. bossman28

    For Sale Basket Case 2F engine

    Hello, I have a basket case 2f engine for sale. I know very little of the motor I got it on a trade I'm not even sure about the year. All that it has is the block, the head, the oil pan, 10 out of 12 lifters, five out of six rods, the crank, the cam, the head bolts, old pump, valve train, valve...
  8. Rich Ivey

    High Compression 2F???

    I recently rebuilt my 2F, went .020 over, added a header, and doing the Howell EFI system. Well, we go to try to get her to turn over and it sounds like my batteries are dying. That's impossible because I just put two yellows tops in. Anyway, we remove all the spark plugs and it turns over fine...
  9. LittleRedWgon

    FJ60 2F Bi Metal Valve Question

    Need some help...85 FJ60 2F My bi metal valves were trashed....I found the Violet one online and got it. But I ordered the Pink one and got the blue one in the middle? I also found another Pink one online and purchased it just in case.... Does anyone know if the Blue one will work in place of...
  10. JRGanschow

    For Sale FJ40 drivetrains, panels, glass, roofs, hoods and lots more!

    Glass all around by JRGanschow posted Jul 16, 2017 at 6:32 PMThe Warehouse by JRGanschow posted Jul 16, 2017 at 6:32 PMI just acquired 20 years of FJ40 parts along with three rigs. For sale are an entire FJ55 drivetrain, two 2F engines, transmissions and transfer cases (4), disc and drum brake...
  11. fj55-100

    f engine or 2f .

    I have a 64 fj40 in the shop with a cracked head , it is getting harder to find a early f head anymore , if money was no object would the sty recommend , a rebuilt 2f , and if so whom has the best quality for a complete engine , i know i need all the sheet metal and manifolds. he wants to...
  12. 1

    2F Engine Temp Sensor Mounting Points?

    Hey guys, Just wondering where i can mount a mechanical water temp gauge in my 2F engine. I've had a look around but haven't been able to see anything. I read the manual and it didn't say anything about temp sensors, only the thermostat in the water head. Any help is appreciated. Rohan
  13. David1947

    Replacing F with 2F Engine

    I did a search to see if anyone has posted more details about swapping out a F engine with a 2F but I was unable to locate anything. (Maybe I was using the wrong description.) Does anyone know of a thread that goes into the details of the swap?
  14. S

    For Sale 2F Engine Gasket Set OEM Made In Japan

    For sale a complete engine gasket set for a 2F engine. The box has been opened but the contents are new and are also complete. I am told this is a top quality set. $60 plus shipping worldwide. South East Texas
  15. David1947

    Wanted Decent 2F Engine

    My idea is to find a 2F engine and rebuild it as time and money permits then install in in my 40 and find a home for the F that is in there now.
  16. M

    For Sale 2F engine

    Hello going to be doing a v8 swap on my 1984 fj60. Up for sale is a running 2F engine with 299,xxx miles. This is a complete engine assembly from carb to pan and also includes new original power steering pump about 1 year old. Does burn some oil, I believe from the valve guides. Bottom end seems...
  17. David Hollenback

    Wanted 2F engine

    Looking for 2F engine. Mine seized after only 80,000 miles (oil leak). Have cash if price is agreed upon. If you have entire drive train that would even be better (engine, tranny, clutch etc.,). I do no have alot of time to find a motor and install. If motor not found I will just keep covered...
  18. Got Cruiser?

    For Sale DUI Distributor for Toyota Landcruiser F / 2F engine

    DUI Distributor for Toyota Landcruiser F / 2F engine Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 and FJ60 DUI Distributor (Davis Unified Ignition by Performance Distributors) Fits 68 - 87 Toyota F and 2F engines. PN# 80820 Brand new, never used Price: $300 each (3 available) DUI Live Wires (available in Blue or...
  19. arcteryx

    For Sale FJ60 2F engine and transmission in TX

    Good 2F engine and transmission from a 1985 FJ60. Compression numbers are below. It needs a valve job which is why #3 and #4 are lower. Comes with the distributor and carb. Other accessories, including the transfer case, can be included for additional cost. $1400 palleted/strapped. 151 150 120...
  20. ThePostman3

    Wanted 2F Engine in decent condition.

    Hey guys I live in Carterville, Il and am in college. I have a 1986 Toyota that i have pulled out of my families barn and got running with an engine swap and everything. This is the first car i've worked on. sadly on my way back to my home town of Waco Texas she decided to go south on me and i...
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