1. N

    2009 Toyota Venza leakage on a pillar and sometimes b pillar.

    Hello, I recently bought a 2009 venza secondhand. It has 190,500 miles on it and a sun and moon roof. Previous owner has never had an accident in it. For the first few weeks, there was no leakage, and then one day i Noticed a little leakage coming from the drivers side front a pillar, where the...
  2. A

    Can I replace my navigation on LC200 2009 VX.R

    Hello, as I posted before I have a land cruiser 2009 Vxr and I was wondering if I can replace the navigation & music system to a more recent one like from a 2015 one because my entertainment system currently only have radio and disk. Is it possible? Also if I can program a new LC200 Key fob for...
  3. joevg3

    Wanted  LC 200 Key FOB

    Wanted - FOB for 2009 LC. Don’t want to spend 300 for a key at the dealer. If anyone has one that will work, please let me know. My in-laws puppy ran off with it and I can’t find it....yikes! I did search the forum here for a bit and didn’t see anything...
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