1. alexinWC

    For Sale  NorCal - 2008 Lexus LX 570

    Up for sale is a 2008 Lexus LX 570, Metallic Mercury over Grey Leather, for $20,500. It is being sold as I am relocating across the country to the Philadelphia area. Our other vehicle is a 2019 Subaru Outback which has unfortunately won the battle over which car to take to the East Coast...
  2. M

    Hello and Question about my 2008 FJC

    Hi All, My driveway was recently graced by a 2008 AT 4WD FJ Cruiser with over 230k on the odometer. While diagnosing a catalytic converter malfunction, I noticed that the driver's side bank had NGK plugs installed, but the passenger side bank was equipped with Denso plugs. My understanding is...
  3. D

    For Sale  2008 Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale

    2008 Toyota Land Cruiser - Great Condition - 185,600 miles - ARB front bumper - 9000lb winch - New BFGoodrich Tires - DVD - Tan Leather Interior - $23,500
  4. shiretowndown

    New Sequoia Owner, “Big Burgundy”

    Ok so I sold my ‘03 LX470 and now I’ve got an ‘08 Sequoia....and I am really liking it. She’s an SR5 with 161k on the clock and heated leather, rear entertainment and JBL Synth. Has the ReadyLift 3”F/2”R SST lift kit installed riding on BFG all-terrains. Couple of questions: (1) I really...
  5. V

    Looking at two options, any advice?

    Hey guys, long time lurker and hopefully a future owner! Just looking for any advice here, recently 2 different GX470's popped up near me. One is a 2006 with 117k miles, clean carfax, two owner. The other is a 2008, clean carfax, one owner, at 75k miles. The 2006 has had all the major...
  6. Tripledave

    Audio/NAV unit cuts out occasionally

    Anyone have any experience with their audio/NAV unit cutting out? Recently on my morning commute, the audio/nav unit will seemingly power off and reset when I depress the brake more than gently. I have not noticed this in the afternoons when it warms up but I would believe the issue to be more...
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