1. Ebike toter

    1KZTE short valve head to 2lte block

    Hi all. As part of my 2lte upgrades roject I'm researching head replacement options.. I know a 3l head will fit but I'm intrigued with a 1KZTE short valve head.. it's the bigger intake & exhaust valves.. So will this head fit my 2lte block?? Thanks for your replies in advance..
  2. T

    1KZTE - mysterious jingling knocking sound and check engine

    Hey guys, We've been travelling the world in our old but gold (kind of) Land Cruiser Prado for the past 2.5 years and never had any problems with the engine (had lots of others to compensate). Until recently, unfortunately. So it goes like this: We're driving and everything's fine. Engine...
  3. Workhorse

    For Sale 1995-2002 Hilux/Prado Air Filters-Price update!

    I have qty. 2 1995-2002 Hilux or Prado (1KZ-TE) air filters for sale. Brand new, never used. I am selling these due to no longer having a vehicle they fit. I am not sure of other models these might fit, so do your research if you think they might. These are available for about $40/each without...
  4. 96TrailSurfer

    1KZ breather question

    For the techies, can someone explain why the 1/2” breather tube on the 1KZ vents to the turbo inlet, rather than to the intake manifold (post IC) like the EGR. What’s the benefit of compressing the blow-by gasses, gumming up the turbo and the intake? My theory is that this facilitate gas...
  5. 96TrailSurfer

    1KZ-TE PCV Valve

    Can anyone post p/n for the PCV valve on 1KZ-TE? I am likely going to do the breather mod with 12229-54070 (Toyota 4WD Surf Owners • View topic - Toyota fix for oil consumtion and oil in air ducts), but I want to replace the PCV valve at the same time.
  6. H

    For Sale 1kzte 3.0 turbo diesel complete engine and gearbox

    For sale a complete 3.0L turbo diesel 1kzte engine from a KZJ90 series. Engine runs really good and has done only 130k Miles. It comes with alternator starter, 5 speed gearbox, ECU. Everything you need to make it run. It is a electronic regulated fuel pump. If desired I can make it mechanical...
  7. anothernord

    Completed 1KZ-TE swap into 2001 Tacoma

    Hi all, I though I'd share my build thread over here with the Mudders. Full build thread here: anothernord's JDM 1KZ-TE diesel swap (2001 Tacoma 3.4) I've always thought it would be cool to have a small displacement diesel in my truck. So I decided to do it. Diesel Toys charges $20,000 for...
  8. S

    1kzte loud knocking. struggling to start

    HELP. I hav problem with with land cruiser Colorado 3.0L. the engine is struggling to start with a lot of grey n black smoke, with it does start for a second there is a loud knock/rattle on revs, then in stalls
  9. S

    loud knock rattle

    the car was running fine then suddenly stalled, after I got recovered home the car was struggling to start and smoking bad, wen it does start there is a loud rattle on revs, Iv changed th injectors but still the same, please help
  10. C

    12v or 24

    Hi everyone, Noob question here but is there a way I could tell from a picture or vin if my hilux surf is 12v or 24v? its got 2 batteries but I don't know what it is yet, I'm going to pick it up on the 24th and haven't seen it but want to know which voltage it is before getting there if...
  11. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Temp Sensor Install - Advice on Two Options

    People with 4Runners/Prados/Surfs who have a transmission temp gauge, I have a question for you. I've been doing my research for how to install the temp sender on my 96 Surf ((1KZ), and narrowed it down to two options: 1. The ATF cooler pipe that runs to the rad is connected to the outlet port...
  12. I

    1kz Te with 5 speed Manual gearbox

    Hi, I am trying to install 1KZTE on 40, lot of folks have done it. Now what I am trying to do is put a 4X4 Manual transmission. My fear is if I use R151F the stick will be behind driver....rear driver would need to change gear...lol. Please suggest a manual gearbox which fits right into 40 with...
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