100 series cruiser

  1. H

    New 100-Series Owner Looking for Advice

    I took the plunge and bought myself a 2004 100-Series LC with 189,000 miles on it. The vehicle has been reasonably well maintained mechanically, but has lived its entire life in New England and was a daily driver for the previous owner. Aside from typical New England rust, the vehicle was used...
  2. cwilli20

    SOLD Hattiesburg, MS: 2001 LX470

    2001 Lexus LX470 Blue Vapor Metallic (8P6) Taupe (88) 257k miles Clean Mississippi title in hand. I have had this vehicle since March of 2020 and have traveled all over the country in it. It has been an excellent adventure rig and I have loved every second of it. However, the time has come to...
  3. GoldLX2000

    SOLD Los Angeles: 2000 Lexus LX470 Modified Build.

    Thank you for looking. Selling to fund a house. Here’s the build list: Please share, thank you. Replaced at 150,000 miles -Timing belt $1000 -Water Pump done with Timing Belt -Serpentine Belt with Pulley -Fuel Filter -Valve Cover Gasket -NGK Ruthenium Spark Plugs -New 3 Row Radiator 50/50...
  4. car-car

    For Sale San Diego: 2000 Land Cruiser

    California only vehicle; no rust. 2nd owner; have owned for over 10 years. Decent condition, light off-road use (mostly fire trails and forest roads). Was setup and used for camping. National Luna dual battery system installed with Deep Sea fuse block, power run for 12V fridge (not...
  5. W

    For Sale Durham, NC: 1999 LC w/ some mods - $9k

    Hi y'all. Selling this 99 I bought a couple weeks ago, but am finding myself more and more wanting something older and preferably more red. I'm less in need of lockers/lift etc and feel this thing is hungry for a little more offroad than I might want to give it right now. Looking for $9k from...
  6. Shehzad102

    P0778 transmission problem!

    Hey everyone, So my 03 LX470 has developed a strange issue. Symptoms are that it won't go into 5th gear and downshifting from 2nd to 1st is very rough. I only have one code and it is P0778. Through digging around on the forum I thought it might have been the ECU but turns out there is...
  7. Elbee

    "HELP" 2003 100 Totaled by deer.... Fight with insurance over value, they want me to bring an appraiser

    So i finally was able to get in an LC finally. Less than two months into ownership I hit a deer and now they deem it totalled. Been going back and forth with USAA insurance. Originally wanted to give me 11,800 for it and now we are at right below 13000. I just put in the money for the timing...
  8. S

    drawing for LC 100 bash plate

    Hello Guys, Any have bash plate / engine guard (including belly area also) design drawings for LC 100 2002 model. I was planning to fabricate one by my own as i have the facility with me.
  9. DrMToboggan

    Wanted Looking for 100 Series '03-07 MY Left Food Pedal (Dead Pedal), Any Color

    As the title states I am in search of the left foot pedal (dead pedal) for a 100 series land cruiser. Mine is an '06 and I've found that anything in the '03-07 model year range should fit. I have no color preferences. Let me know if you have one for sale!
  10. E

    1HD-FTE max boost

    Good day all, what is the max safe boost on a fully stock 1HD-FTE. It has a Upgraded intercooler and a unichip EGR will be deleted and a oil catch can will be installed.
  11. J

    Wanted Tuscaloosa, AL ISO 2004 100 series LC Misc Parts

    I recently purchased a 100 series land cruiser and am ISO several parts for this vehicle. 1. Driver Door panel 2. Driver seat (or recommendations for best way to recover) 3. Gear shifter knob ball (black) 4. Center console (Mine came with DVD player and would be interested in other options) 5...
  12. 3

    100 series abs pump

    Hey guys I’ve got 100series Sahara v8 I put a tough dog 2inch lift kit in and taken out the AHC suspension since doing it my handbrake light come on then the other day it went into limp mode with engine light on traction control vgrs light on has no acceleration idles up and down I scanned...
  13. skeelye

    Rear tailgate lock problem

    Hey guys, new owner of a 2000 Land Cruiser and so far I’m absolutely loving it as my ski car here in Montana. There’s a couple small problems with the car including my electric locks do not work with my key button, which isn’t the biggest problem (but one id like the fix down the line if...
  14. tragicrock

    SOLD 100 Series Hidden Winch Mount

    Looking for either this exact item or something like it that would factory mount to the front frame of a 2007 Land Cruiser. https://www.trail-tailor.com/store/p117/Hidden_Winch_Mount_-_100_Series_and_LX470.html Also looked at this item, and the jury seems out that it is lug and play...seems...
  15. A

    painting the front OEM grille of 100 series LC

    So I have been working on my cruiser (100 series) recently and I wanted to paint the chrome OEM grille, but I have no idea of if I should do a vinyl wrap or if I just hit it with a rattle can that it would be fine. Anyone who has done either of these methods or has done something better please...
  16. MattAussie

    Charleston, SC: 2003 Land Cruiser (scroll down for pics)

    Clean title 2003 Land Cruiser for sale. I purchased a 2016 LC- so the 03 needs to find a new home. $15K. NO DEALERS PLEASE- I want someone to buy this truck who will enjoy it themselves. ~180K miles. Every option available- including rare side curtain airbags (was a pricey add-on in 2003). White...
  17. I

    PLEASE HELP w/ my 2002 LX470 Dashboard ABS Lights On

    Hey everybody. I stumbled across this forum when I was looking for people who have encountered the ABS problem for the Land Cruisers. I suck with cars and am just learning about this car so that's why I'm here, haha. It's cool that this place exists and I'm excited to frequent it. As of right...
  18. E

    SOLD 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser - Frederick, Maryland

    Black 1998 a Toyota Land Cruiser for sale. $1250.00. Has a new catalytic converter, relatively new brakes (<1yr), and new BF Goodrich T/A KO2 275/70R16 tires with <5,000mi on them. Replaced factory speakers and stereo headhunt with a Kenwood Apple Car play stereo. Truck runs great, but has...
  19. Custom muffler 100 series

    Custom muffler 100 series

    custom muffler for 100 series with Doug Thorley headers
  20. Doug Thorley Headers - 100 Series Land Cruiser

    Doug Thorley Headers - 100 Series Land Cruiser

    Doug Thorley Headers for 100 series land cruiser
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