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  1. Sojourner 03

    150 Amp Alternator - Thanks Photoman

    Has anyone used upgraded their fan, alternator belt from oem to just a bit bigger? Maybe a 1/2 or 1 inch bigger?
  2. Sojourner 03

    Slinky 3" Lift vs Dobinsons 3" Lift

    I' own a 97 and am currently undecided on springs. Slinky or Dobinsons? My truck is down to minimal as my shocks went bad. So I'm doing a 3" lift. I need them asap. Trying slinky, but idk how long it'll be. But great read Stock on 33z
  3. Sojourner 03

    Oil leak

    Well, I power washed underneath and top of motor. Did a great job. Oil leak is coming from front end bottom. BUT, Now I'm having issues after power wash. CEL came on... LC running shaky. Man, this is gonna cost a lot. I tore of front flare and fender well dinged up. I'm gonna fix her.....
  4. Sojourner 03

    Oil leak

    I was driving down the road when I side swiped a wall. My motor or parts never leaked up until that point. No it's leaking oil and I can't find it. Can some of you Elders, help me out.
  5. Sojourner 03

    For Sale ENTIRE Tan Interior - 97' 80

    panels I'll take the rear panels completely. If you still have them... Thank you
  6. Sojourner 03

    80 Series Interior Parts

    Panels I am interested in buying the passenger right and left panels. Speaker cover and everything attached... Bolts included... Thank you Paul 760-900-1200
  7. Sojourner 03


    None in my area...
  8. Sojourner 03


    Looking to join into a TLCA. Any of them near or around Victorville, Ca? Will be in National City next week... :beer:
  9. Sojourner 03

    i-pod and OEM HU in LX 450....

    Noob here. I just bought a Sony head unit for my 97' TLC 40th. If anyone is interested I'm selling the OEM unit. It works but I needed something more up to speed.
  10. Sojourner 03

    Inti rack possibility!

    I want one. What do I have to do? Just seen the post... I have a 97' TLC 40th. Starting to armor up and this looks like a great investment. Depending on price...
  11. Sojourner 03

    Thoughts on a 97 40th

    I have a 97 TLC 40TH. 175K when I picked it up for $4k. Mine didn't come with Factory lockers. :doh:
  12. Sojourner 03

    What is my wrecked 91 LC worth ?

    I would be interested in your Left side Visor... Thanks
  13. Sojourner 03

    too many miles?

    From what I've read on the forums. Land cruisers are suppose to last forever. Some wrote up to 500k. I say get it as cheap as possible and go for it... Of course, as long as it runs and no problems for at least 6 months. I got my 97 TLC 40th anniversary edition in May. I love it.
  14. Sojourner 03

    Excited Newbie Here! Check out my 94 Landcruiser and tell me what you think!

    It looks like you're missing heater valve.
  15. Sojourner 03

    Estimate Insurance cost..

    I'm paying $54. for liability right now. Gonna bump up to full and that's $95.
  16. Sojourner 03

    A little help

    I've seen them with a CDL button. Just wondering. Also wondering if it's worth investing in front & rear lockers. Don't know if I'll ever have use for it, but my theory has always been. Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it...
  17. Sojourner 03

    A little help

    I just got my 97 TLC 40th anniversary. I feel I got the base model. There's no CDL switch or button & there's no front or rear locks... Any help? Any info?
  18. Sojourner 03

    is this where i say hello?

    Hey, I got my FJ80 05/14/2012. I'm so happy. I joined iH8MUD soon after. I still haven't got the answers I'm looking fir... 1) It has stickers saying it's a 40th Anniversary limited edition. But there's NO lockers, No inside switch. Just the High , Low shifter. Asked Toyota Stealer and they...
  19. Sojourner 03

    Parts manuel or simular

    I need something for my 97 TLC. I bought the Chilton book, but I need something with part numbers. Also, maybe something to reference the part and see if there's an after market part. I just 250 on replacing the heater control box/ valve and that brass fitting that I have no idea what's it...
  20. Sojourner 03

    Line-X'd my Interior

    Love it. Awesome...
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