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  1. crowdaddy911

    Do you daily your “built” 100?

    Jesus that’s a sexy rig, miss my black 80 sometimes especially now with $5 petro. But with that said is there honestly anything better than driving a f***ing land cruiser? I think not because it’s all that I’ve been driving since 2004.
  2. crowdaddy911

    Old Man Emu Lift + Acceleration Vibration

    I had a 2.5 old man Emu lift on my 80 series yes a bit stiff but loved it. I wanted to upgrade my Hundy with a 1.5 lift but dont want the over stiff ride that may come with that being said what are you feel besides ole man emu in that realm? Besides Ole Man help me Obi Wan your my only hope
  3. crowdaddy911

    Rust!! I might’ve made a mistake. (Thread)

    Yes mine has a bit of rust too on my 04, the air conditioner lines cracked in rear cost me $2600 to replace the lines. Rust still there but four years later she is running better than ever. Just drive it into the ground and use oem parts.
  4. crowdaddy911

    Replace tape player with LCD screen

    Go to crutchfield they have great stuff for your lcruiser.
  5. crowdaddy911

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Love kenwood products
  6. crowdaddy911

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    I added a Kenwood double din with Bluetooth. Wow Crutchfield came through big time. Also threw some front speakers in as well. Now all I run is Pandora through it wirelessly very sweet I must say. I also was getting a ticking sound from the exhaust sounded like it was in the muffler it was more...
  7. crowdaddy911

    98 LC 100 Cold Air Intake

    I installed the K&N cold air intake on my 2001, and have to say horsepower is up and truck is running better than ever. There is a bit of a sound when you really punch it to the floor. I don't really drive like that so it really doesn't effect me. But just normal driving its minimal and I think...
  8. crowdaddy911

    Finally, a 1999 UZJ100

    Congrats, I joined the hundy club last week. I have had 3 4runners, 2 80s and now the 100. Almost wish I didn't wait so long but it was totally worth it. Mods coming just don't what to do first. Oh and I sold the 80 lx450 today for $4100 so I have some loot to start
  9. crowdaddy911

    I just bought my first hundy!

    Vinny was a real ball breaker early but turned out to be a good guy. Did you talk to vinny about the truck
  10. crowdaddy911

    I just bought my first hundy!

    Here it is garage kept one owner driving by a woman. No offense ladies, but this car is immaculate. All service done at toyota of Princeton. I live in New Jersey and its a bit salty here but the underneath of this car is cleaner than my brother in laws 08. Totally stoked now what to do with the...
  11. crowdaddy911

    Best year 100 to buy ?

    I am picking up my 2001 hundy tonight at 7pm. Very excited and looking forward to how do you say grown up rig. Listen I've loved and still own an 80 but I am ready for the next phase of driving a 100! If all goes well I will post some pix tonight.
  12. crowdaddy911

    I just bought my first hundy!

    Omg lmao for an hour now, that is great s***
  13. crowdaddy911

    I just bought my first hundy!

    Been a member of mudd for three years and have become so addicted I cannot control my bank accounts anymore. Though I am not a master builder I do like the occasional upgrade wheels, suspension etc. I traded my 96 80 in that had 345k on the dial for a sequoia. I have three kids that keep just...
  14. crowdaddy911

    Buying/Selling - what year, how much, etc. - ask for opinions here

    Sounds like you did well RobB. As far as Deltas problem. I agree 110% about paying more if the vehicle is right. You know when it is by no smell or stains gargage kept and maint records. Some people just know how to take care of there cars and some dont. I have noticed checking the vins at...
  15. crowdaddy911

    Buying/Selling - what year, how much, etc. - ask for opinions here

    What is the mileage right now? From your earlier post you state that tb and wp were done at 90k so one can only assume its has over 100k. If that is the case 26.8 sounds high but the dealers start high for a reason so when they do come down some....they look like hereos. So I guess its also safe...
  16. crowdaddy911

    Buying/Selling - what year, how much, etc. - ask for opinions here

    Wow whats the worry Dallas??? Alright soooo here we go on my lastest search for LC. I have gone from ealry 100series now I want 03 or an 04. Alright so there is one in south florida beeen there its whole life that means no rust. mileage 75k perfect next navi and dvd not a must but would...
  17. crowdaddy911

    Timing Belt for Dummies writeup

    Wow great job guys. I agree this doesnt make you want to diy it. Wish I had your skills to work on your personal vehicles. You guys are awsum imho
  18. crowdaddy911

    Buying/Selling - what year, how much, etc. - ask for opinions here

    ready for this my neighbor has a 08 sequoia that he wants me to buy. He lost his job and I could get for resonable price. Never really thought about a seq since I have had 4runners and land cruisers for the past 20 years. Whats any1 opinion on the new body style of the 08. For the price I could...
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