I just bought my first hundy!

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May 31, 2009
Northfield, New Jersey 08225
Been a member of mudd for three years and have become so addicted I cannot control my bank accounts anymore. Though I am not a master builder I do like the occasional upgrade wheels, suspension etc. I traded my 96 80 in that had 345k on the dial for a sequoia. I have three kids that keep just growing and so do there circle of friends. It's actual been great with all that extra room. So with that trade in I got my wife's 80 that had half the miles and it was the Lexus version. Wasn't a big fan of cream with champagne moulding s but I dealt with it. Lately I've been driving the sequoia a lot and really liked the power. So I began the search over the past couple of months on mudd just hadn't seen a clean hundy. I now find myself on fleabay and found a 2001 with 148k and really clean seats look brand new exterior as well. Though I haven't seen it in person it really looks outstanding. Timing down at 100 k and new tires with 5 k on them. Dealer serviced it s whole life one owner vehicle. This guy took care of this rig. I am not the type of guy that buys car off eBay by any means but he lives about 70 miles away and I thought for sure it was worth the risk.

So I will pick up this week and will post some pictures and hope everything checks out. I am going to miss the 80 but I think now that I am 45 I need a grown up truck!

Looking forward to talking with everyone and tweaking this and that. I freakishly stoked and can't wait till next week.

Here it is garage kept one owner driving by a woman. No offense ladies, but this car is immaculate. All service done at toyota of Princeton. I live in New Jersey and its a bit salty here but the underneath of this car is cleaner than my brother in laws 08. Totally stoked now what to do with the 80? I haven't put it up for sale but I have two of my neighbors that would love to own it. It's a lx450 with 190 on the dial. Not sure what to sell it for. Well that's a different thread altogether.




Did you happen to buy it from a guy named Vinnie? I've been on the hunt for one for awhile now, and this one looks familiar.

Looks awesome, congrats on the purchase!
Great score, that thing looks immaculate! Welcome to the family
Vinny was a real ball breaker early but turned out to be a good guy. Did you talk to vinny about the truck

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