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    Black Mesh Grill

    Click the link in my signature below (Yellow description of present LC).
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    Question about rock warrior wheels

    Don't cerakote. I had my RW wheels and rings done 3x by a very reputable shop in San Diego. Never lasted more then 6 months before they started to fade and turn a dull color. The company consulted with cerakote multiple times to no avail and finally just powder coated them. That was 2 years ago...
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    Black Mesh Grill

    Yes, I put this grill in my '14 a few years ago as have many others on here. There is no issue with the speed sensor and only had to cut a small hole to mount camera. Check my build thread for more.
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    My 1st 200 Build

    Just rotated tires. King Coilover springs are part# KING SPR3-14-600 G16
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    My 1st 200 Build

    To be honest, I don't know. Its whatever King spec'd when they had the truck. Not sure if they are 600# or 700#?
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    Pushing My Rigs to the limit(Picture Thread)

    Nothing as epic as @ToyotaIsLife but here's my contribution to airborne LC's...
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    200 Series Ti key shell

    Count me in for 2 identical in numbers to the one TonyP pictured.
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    Official 200 Series Chat and BS Thread

    Thanks for your service @Chip503. Former Marine, now an LEO.
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    Need a Good Shop in SoCal to Re-Gear/Upgrade Brakes

    Where are you in SoCal? YotaMasters in Corona is who Just Diff recommended. I have also heard nothing but great reviews from Unitrax in Anaheim.
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    i'm running Baja Kits UCA & LCA and am very pleased with them. Have Icon billet on my Tundra.
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    Group Buy--Jowett Performance Filter Housing with Fuomoto drain valve

    count me in for a set of all 3... please...
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    IMPORTANT: Check your HVAC recirculate door and answer Poll

    Just checked mine, a '14, and it's broken. Going to Lowes to get some glue now to try the fix others have shared.
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    Buying Advice-Cam Tower Leaks?

    The leak in my Tundra began in the 30K range. Dealer fixed under warranty. It's now at 56K with no issues but hard to predict if it'll happen again. My LC is at 40K and no leak yet. I've read it's more common on the American assembled Tundra 5.7 then the Japanese assembled LC 5.7. Have no idea...
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    Dealer Says Don't Need To Lubricate Propeller Shaft

    My 4wd Tundra has the same as my LC.
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    New King 3.0 Setup for the 200

    No, I have not purchased kit. Straight bolt on to my Baja Kits UCA as they specifically designed the kit around the King 3.0's at the request of the market in the Middle East. King was not in production yet so it wasn't available when Baja Kits did my build. I did not compare TC vs Baja Kits.
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