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Mar 14, 2006
Las Cruces, NM
Well, my GM A-6 compressor I had set up for on board air didn't last too long before it seized up ( Alan's fault). So I decided to go with a York, and as luck would have it, a fellow Seattlecruiserhead had one he wanted to part with, so it became mine. Even came with the mounting bracket for a SBC !! Got it mounted, then built a manifold for it. Has the pressure switch, guage, air to the tank ( from another one of those awesome Seattlecruiserheads) and the other line to an air chuck I have mounted in the front. Just got it all hooked up and tested tonight, works great ! Didn't have the tank before, think it will work out real well.:beer:
Alex 001.jpg
Alex 002.jpg
Alex 003.jpg
That mount and adjuster looks pretty Mickey Mouse :eek:

You sure thats going to hold up? :hmm:
got any more pics of the mount ? and how it bolts to the head. i want to fab something like that up and more pics would help.
Did you drill & tap the oil port at the base of the compressor shaft? That'll greatly reduce the volume of oil sent to the tank preserving your compressor (lock up medicine! lol).

Look forward to seeing the the additional pics.
lone gunman, it actually bolts to the exhaust manifold, the ram horns have that mounting tab.Then the adjustment arm bolts to an intake manifold bolt.
TLCHopII, not sure what you're referring to, enlighten me !!:beer:
OK thanks. i have the same ram horn manifold that you do i think ? your talking the mount for the old school alternator (or was it generator) but if you have or could take a pic a little further away it would be great.

and as far as what TLCHopII is talking about is an oil passage inside the compressor that you tap and install a plug to block oil flow so oil doesnt get into your air tank. it was in a post a long time ago. i dont know the link but if you search york you should find it eventually (good luck!)
The following should be pretty much all you'll need to keep the oil in your compressor. Should still check it from time to time tough.

On-Board Air - York Oil System Modification

::Kilby Enterprises:: (this outfit has a wealth of knowledge, part numbers and kits if you are so inclined)

No affiliation with with either entity. Just did a quick net search as the stored files are not on this computer. Cheers!
Well the "beer" imodicon thing is a bit interesting?!

Enjoy your on board air set up!
Thanks for the info, guys !! I'll get more pics of the mount up soon.:cheers:
FJFOOL, yeah when you get a chance please post more pics.(thanks)

and thank you TLCHopII i forgot about kilby
Here's a pic I took from underneath, kinda tough to get a good angle, if that doen't work for ya I'll pull the compressor off and snap some pics. It's actually a pretty stout set-up, time will tell.:cheers: I actually used the alt. bracket with a spacer for the bottom mount.
Alex 004.jpg
thanks FJFOOL, and no need to pull it. i wouldn't mind seeing that pic but dont go to the hassle. i have a pretty good idea of how to do it just got to get the time and money. i have the manifold and some other parts just got to get the compressor and figure it out.

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