Wiring harness - Toyota/Pioneer stereo

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Mar 27, 2003
I have been following this thread about installing a pioneer DVD/Radio with reversing camera. I bought the stereo and a wiring harness adaptor but have found that the plugs on the adaptor are the wrong size. I have not been able to find a wiring adaptor that fits - can anyone point me in the right direction? I have put up a photo below of the back of my current (OEM) stereo. Any help gratefully received. Thanks, Jim
Thanks for that Sean. The link to Amazon shows an adaptor that looks just like mine. I have been outside a tried it an it all works. :)

So what was the issue you may ask. Well, I had an auto electrician come to my office to do the work. I showed him the harness and he said it was wrong. I should not have listened to him because it turns out it is the right harness. The moral of the story is that I should have done it myself in the first place.

Thanks Sean for confirming that I was on the right track after all...
Cheers Jim - glad it worked out. :beer:

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