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Feb 26, 2015
Coweta, OK
Thanks to everybody for their input on this, I wound up ordering through Ballinger, because they sell through Amazon and that made things super easy. The quality of the Ballinger connectors was just as good as OEM. The method on YouTube with the T-pins worked perfectly. There was a bit of a learning curve on getting the clip to release the wire, but once you do a couple of them, it's pretty simple. Thanks again for the help guys


Jan 30, 2003
All over Arizona
Was pulling my wiring harness to remove the cylinder head, and seem to have caused a couple new issues.

1st is with the fuel injector wiring, I broke a few of them taking the injectors out, I see there's a repair harness, but I'm wondering if someone could share with me the proper way to remove the terminals from the connectors, as I would much prefer to jreplace the connector rather than splice in wires.

I also notice the connectors are different colors, I have both gray (connector stamped 11153 E7) and brown (11153 E12), they seem to be the exact same connector, just different colors ( maybe to help keep them from being crossed?). Can anybody confirm this?

My second issue is with a connector that got snagged on something, the number stamped onto it is 11166. It is a grey connector with a single terminal.

My local Toyota parts person is clueless and unmotivated to help, so if someone could help me out with telling me what this might go to, and where I might find a repair connector, Id appreciate it. This one is going to have to be spliced in as the wire broke just behind the insulator plug on the connector. I believe it goes onto a sensor or something on the lower engine block??? ...hard to tell with everything torn down right now.

pics below.View attachment 2542239

View attachment 2542236
I know its a little late for you, but Many of us pull the harness the other direction so we dont have to fiddle with so many wires and connections. Pull off UCU, disconnect about 4 more plugs near it, pull thru firewall, lay over the intake which can be strapped onto D S fender.

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