Why no amber LED fog lights?


Dec 14, 2016
San Francisco Bay Area
That link doesn't work for me. I'm looking for something for the front of my GX470 and that might do the trick.

I just got some of the Diode Dynamics Pro SAE fogs in selective yellow for the 4Runner, and they are amazing! I haven't taken my own pics yet, but the ones that are being posted up by others show what you can expect from them. They overpower the HID low beams up close and have a very wide, low beam that really lights up the ditches, but keeps the light out of the eyes of oncoming traffic. The light intensity is obvious from the front of the vehicle, but the light is focused down and I've been flashed only once in a few weeks of heavy use, day and night, inclement weather and clear, just to see what the response would be. I got flashed more than this with the stock foglamps on the highway, I'm going to say they are not offensive to oncoming traffic when properly aimed.
You’re right about the link (I corrected it). Try this:
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