Why i am glad i own a cruiser

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by Guest, Jun 12, 2003.

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    well,wednesday started bad enough for me with a speeding ticket while i was driving for work......never dreamed it would get worse but..........

    we had a storm pass through Charleston around 3:00 PM and dumped over 3 inches of rain in 45 minutes,we were swamped here.......my boat is parked on a carport at my parents house,and the creeks backed up real bad there and the water actually pushed my 23 foot boat out of the carport and across the gravel driveway narrowly missing my dads old garage.....

    cruiser content: the main road to my parents is only 2 miles long but was completely destroyed(over 30 feet of sunken roadway)and the backway in was water covered streets that i had to go through(up past the bumper most of the time)just to get to a portion of the road above the major damage and still had to go thru major mud and running water over the road,but the "buggy" came through and i was able to get in there and pull my boat away from the garage and repark it where it belongs(then worked till dark getting the gravel and mud outa my dads front yard)

    i wont clog the board with the pics i managed to snap(blurry but i didnt have time to set the camera right)but you can see them here if you are interested: http://webpages.charter.net/cruiserhead/LandCruiser stuff/STORM pics/

    man i was SO glad to have my cruiser yesterday!!!!!!

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    Check your diffs, Just pull the fillers, look for "rootbeer foam". If there is any, change the oil ASAP.

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    yep.already got that planned as soon as we get this mess all cleaned up

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