Why am I killing fuel pumps? - 3FE FJ62

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Dec 2, 2003
The motors aren't dying, they still spin just don't pump any fuel.

I replaced my fuel pump a week ago after my first failure and it fired right up. All was good until today when it didn't start again.

I undid the fuel line at the gas tank side of the fuel filter, jumped the ecu to run the fuel pump and sure enough, just like last time the fuel pump motor will spin but it's not spitting any fuel.

Before I throw in and kill yet another fuel pump I want to get at what's causing these failures. Ideas?

I replaced the fuel filter probably 10K miles ago. The tank looked pretty good when I cracked it open. 88, 220K miles. Thanks!!!
So reading a bit more of the FSM, it seems my fuel pump check valves are getting stuck causing the fuel to go out the relief valve. Again I guess the question is what would be causing this?
Did a 2FE about a year ago. Don't remember, but doesn't it have a fuel return line from the fuel rail back to the tank? If so, If the return line is not functioning, then the pump may be building up too much pressure so it goes into bypass mode? Just an educated guess? John
Thank you inkpot. It does have a return line which is at the fuel pressure regulator. I figure if I buy a new pump, fpr, fuel filter, and fuel pulsation dampener it'll probably work fine. I'm just trying to pinpoint so I don't spend extra hundreds guessing.

Does anyone know if you can reset the check valve in these pumps? Maybe by blowing compressed air back down the line? Any more ideas on the original question?

Thanks mudders.
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