Which Springs?


Jan 9, 2005
Northern Nevada
OK, here's what I have so far:

Note how my rig is set-up in the rear (Slee rr bumper, AO drawers, full CO2 tank, 60" HiLift, recovery gear including 15' chain, D-shackles, tool kit, air impact, etc., fridge/freeze, full tank of gas; sub-woofer. The measurements below are not including live weight, food in the fridge, camping/hunting gear etc.

OME 865 rr springs: Not adequate with the above set-up; sagged (although the 865's were perfect until adding the Slee rr bumper & HiLift; great ride quality on-road; a little too soft for my tastes off-road).

OME 866 rr springs: Not adequate; sagged (the 866's were added after installing the Slee rr bumper & HiLift). Probably would be OK without either the drawers or the rr bumper.

Slee custom 4"/80 springs with the short spring mounted on the PS with 1-10mm packer. (Christo and Ben said these springs are between the 863 and 864 spring rate and only about 5mm shorter off-vehicle height than the 863): Raised the rear too high (23.5" from the center of the rear axle to the lower fender lip. 23" from the center of the rear axle to the lower fender lip with +300lbs). This spring would be perfect if adding about 400-500lbs of gear above what I have listed above in the middle to rear of the LC and/or trailer tongue weight. This spring, even with a + 300lb. test load of dumbells was comfortable on-road although noticably stiffer than the 863); not tested off-road; however the rear, with these springs, definitely made the OME T-bars feel too soft.

OME 863 with short spring mounted on the PS with 1-10mm packer: Just installed. This puts the LC without additional weight at 22" from the axle centerline to the lower lip of the fender. Rides & handles great on-road. Comfortable spring rate on-road. Not tested off-road. Ride height is perfect. Feels very balanced to the OME T-bars.

If anyone is wondering about the 864 on the back of a 100...I'd say forget it...it would be too tall and too stiff.

After all this spring changing I can swap springs start to finish in under an hour...

Hope this information helps someone...let me know if you have any questions.

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