Wheeling near Lewistown Mt

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Oct 14, 2015
Butte, America
Hi guys, I'm looking for local places near Lewistown to go explore. Does anyone have any pointers?
I wheeled through some good snow to Crystal lake today and I also made it to the top of Judith peak and lost the track where it turns really skinny in the trees. Tore off a tie down loop on my roof rack squeezing under a tree. I was trying to go over the mountain from Lewistown to the northern side. I have a few pics. My wife took them, the wind was howling up there. We saw a few mines (what is it they mine for) all in all a great day. Hope to see a few of you on a ride some day!



100's have never been a favorite of mine but I do have to say... That is one fantastic looking rig!!!
I beat the crap out of my fj40s on many of those mountains around Lewistown years ago. What great memories! Many of the trails have been closed never to be know about except by us old farts. God I hate tree huggers!
If your going to be running around central mountain pack your tire chains! Snow can get hard packed and yes you will need them.
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Yeah man, I want to start exploring this area. On a weekend let's meet up sometime and you can show me your stomping grounds.
Just a little ways West you’ll find a couple good trails in the Little Belts. One is called Middle Fork trail which we did this last year from Ettien Ridge but those are summer trails. Middle Fork crosses the creek numerous times and is a little tight w/ brush. That’s the only trail I’ve done kinda your direction.

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