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Nov 1, 2017
Somewhere between Bee Cave & Dripping Springs, TX
This might be a noob question/observation, but what should I make of this wheel? I decided to rotate tires for the first time on this mostly garage queen pig which sadly has only had about 2000 concrete miles put on it since new tires were installed in 2018. the wheel pictured below was on the rear, fit fine over the drum. I rotated to the front over discs and then tightened down once the truck was on the ground. went to move the truck and seemed like the e-brake was stuck. turned out this wheel was rubbing on the caliper. confusion ensued, i could not figure out why the wheel wasn't fitting correctly..was something tweaked? lots of cursing. luckily i have a full size matching spare that i was able to swap in... which fit just fine. I think i finally figured out what's going on here by comparing to a different wheel - looks like an attempted wheel repair? but it was welded in place too far towards the outside of the wheel, causing the whole wheel to be closer to the hub when tight. is this a trash wheel or what?

IMG_0651 copy.png

Here's the caliper after it finished scoring the inside of the wheel.

IMG_0653 copy.png
The wheel in the pic is riveted and only works on drum brakes. 76 and Later Disc brake wheels are welded. I'm pretty sure the back space is the same.
Get a pair of 1/4" spacers for the front and you should be golden.
I had a feeling I was asking a simple question. thanks for the info! i've not encountered a riveted wheel before. this being a 77, would this have come from the factory with all welded wheels and not riveted? is this just a replacement that found its way onto the truck at some point?
I believe Toyota still sells the wheels, a few years ago they were about 100 bucks I think they’re a lot more now, the new ones are all welded to fit over disc brakes.
My dealer (with my discount) was $94 recently, so check your local dealer, too - no shipping, that way.

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