What’s up with my rearend ?

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Nov 5, 2006
I hope the moderators will overlook this off topic post. This is just the best tech resource I have come across.

I’m the original owner of a 2002 Tundra. (almost 300k on the odometer)! It came from the factory with a limited slip rearend. I’ve noticed an occasional thud in the rearend & a jolt after turning a corner & accelerating.

Going to check the fluid level in the morning. It’s been awhile since I checked it. Assuming it’s ok, am I looking at a complete rebuild of the diff, or is there a specific component(s) that needs to be replaced ?
Any maintenance on it? First thing I'd do is have a look at the oil. If it has a magnet and there's no chunks on it, change the oil with whatever is recommended and see if your luck is good.

Might be a u-joint, or some other component too.
take it to a mechanic
Just FYI there's a Tundra and Sequoia section on the forum list. Mods might move it there.
I have a Tundra and have been in that section it takes a week to get a answer over there, just saying

The 80 section rocks !!!

But you are right ;)
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See if there is play at the pinion , u joints, broken leaf

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