What's the visual diff between 3 and 4 speed

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Jan 22, 2003
I'm going to look at some driveline parts this weekend and I need to know what, if any, visual differences there are between a three and four speed transmission.
The guy who is selling them just guts the '40's and uses the frame/body with Ford running gear foe mud trucks. He never even considered what he was taking out and does not know whether they are four or three speeds. I think I can pick up one, maybe two complete drivelines, axels and all pretty cheap, but I'd like to know what I'm buying.
Hep Me.
Ed Long
Three speeds will have an aluminum top cover, and be very small compared to a four speed, which has a cast iron top cover, and is 12" long, from front mounting surface to t-case mounting surface, and will have a bulge on the right side of the housing, where the reverse gear is.
Now, if this gear is out of a 60 series wagon, the four speed trans will have an aluminum top cover, and a "split" t-case, meaning a two piece case, bolted together around the middle of it.

Hope this helps!

Good luck!

Here is the FJ40 4 speed
[quote author=Degnol link=board=1;threadid=9826;start=msg86727#msg86727 date=1073561950]

I would post a bunch more but I need to get them up on my webpage... but at least you know what is a 4 speed... :D
Here's a pic of the 3 speed before I pulled it. Its not much longer than the width of the tcase. Hope this helps.

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