What year splitcase to use?

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Apr 24, 2016
Fayetteville, North Carolina
I will be swapping out my 4speed for a h55. I have a line on a 1984 split transfer case out of a 1984 FJ60. I need to know if it will work. Been reading this The Wagon Way and several posts on MUD and just get confused.
The transfer case shifter, shift lever, and linkages from an '84 FJ60 are different than on the later 4-speeds/H55fs. The changeover was 4/85 when the 4-speeds got the extension housing to match the length of the H55fs. You'll need to use the transmission shift hardware from a 4/85 and later FJ60. Other than that it will work fine. The '84 transfer case has the 34mm idler shaft, later ones had 38mm idler shafts, and there were other changes over the years. For a run-down of differences Cruiser Outfitters has a nice summary on their website.

For my '86 FJ60 project (3FE, H55f, FJ62 split transfer case converted to manual 4WD engagement) I'm using my '89 FJ62 transfer case. It has the 38mm idler shaft plus the added bonus of bearing (as opposed to bushing) supported front and rear output gears. Converting to manual from vacuum is more costly if you have to buy new parts, but others have found good used parts. The Cruiser Outfitters website also has a good summary of what it takes for that modification, with information taken from a post here on MUD (don't have the link handy).
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