What dash switch/control is this?

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Jan 31, 2007
I have new to me a 1969 FJ40, its all original for the most part, all of my dash controls are original as fas as I can tell. There is a switch with a "T" that is just above the ash tray. It's attached to a cable that runs through the fire wall and is coiled up not in use. The cable is the same as the choke and hand throttle.
Probably ran to a added valve that controled the water to the heaters. 74 was the first year that a control valve was stock.
thanks for the impute, I am assuming this connected to some valve on the "heater h2o port in the engine bay? or to the heater in the cab?
I would assume it would have been a added valve somewhere on one of the heater hoses in the engine bay. This would have been added and not stock. I have a couple of Man-A-Fre catalogs from the mid seventies. I believe they sold a kit to control the water from the dash. Prior to the 74 model you had to open the hood and adjust a valve on the heater water line leaving the head.

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