What are these hoses?

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Jul 20, 2016
Centennial, CO
I'm currently disassembling my '76 for a new clutch. There are two hoses that were already severed when I went to take the hump out, and I can't seem to tell where they go/where they come from. They're the ones that pass through the front of the hump, close to the engine. What are they?
(the picture is faaaaar from my current rig, but clearly shows what I'm talking about. )
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What Coolerman said. Earlier cruisers have a functioning vent. Yours will be welded shut. I guess they left it there for looks.
cowl drain vents......which were on early(forget when the ended) cruisers....AND on many 3rd world spec fj40/5's right up to 1984

got a heater in your 76? is not......then its proably from south america someplace and has fuctioning cowl vent and drain tubes, Racer here sells reproduction of the drain tubes

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