Weber trouble, I think.

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May 12, 2013
Old Fort N C
I cannot get my 2F to idle, or accelerate without falling on it's face.. unless I hold the choke almost closed. I kept it running while driving by patting the throttle, albeit roughly, till it warmed up. I hoped it would run smooth after warming up, but no luck.

I just opened up the Weber to dry water out of the bowl, but this has been going on for some time now, just suddenly worse.
I am beginning to wonder if it could be in the ignition .
Thanks ahead of time for the help.

Water in the bowl? Should be only fuel. ????
Right you are, I dried it out and put the top back on. This rough running has been going on to some degree for a while. The water was new, so I drained the fuel system and cleaned the bowl.
Base of the carburetor/adapters are usual suspects.
Always ignition first, baseline it, new plugs check wires, cap rotor, weak spark will cause alot of issues..

Then vacuum leaks, carb cleaner aroundthe base gasket,

Then try a oakie carb rebuild, lots of carb cleaner down all the air bleads, then start and rev it up and cover the air inlet( i use a leather welding glove) turns the motor into a big vacuun cleaner sucking all the crud out of the carb...

If that fails rebuild carb/ buy a trolehole carb...

Good luck

Vacuum leak on front side of carb spacers. Found it after checking everywhere else Someone coming to look at it Sat, mabe to buy so I can start a build thread on the 78 FJ40. He says not to worry about it before he looks at it. I think everything will be gone over if he buys it.
Thanks @RAYJON and @Poser

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